Jimmy Kimmel knows what happened in ‘The Bachelor’ fantasy suite: ‘You’ve blossomed,’ he tells lovebirds Colton and Cassie [WATCH]

From day one pro football player Colton Underwood made it known on “The Bachelor” that he was a virgin. However, when the reality TV cameras weren’t allowed inside the fantasy suite during Tuesday’s season finale, America was left wondering what actually happened between Colton and Cassie Randolph. Leave it to ABC’s own Jimmy Kimmel to uncover the answer. “You don’t have to tell us if you’re a virgin because I can tell just by looking at you. I can see that something has happened to you, that you’ve blossomed,” the talk show host told Colton last night on “Jimmy Kimmel Live.” Watch the awkward video above.

“This is so crazy!” Cassie shouted as she walked out on stage hand-in-hand with Colton to a standing ovation. Because of the franchise’s strict confidentiality rules, the final couple on “The Bachelor” or “The Bachelorette” isn’t allowed to be photographed until after the finale has aired each season. Thus, Colton and Cassie’s appearance on Kimmel’s talk show was “the first time” they’d been seen in public.

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Kimmel asked when Colton realized that Cassie was “the one” and he confirmed that it happened during the fourth week of the 23rd season. “I think in Singapore I realized how incredible and how special she was,” said Colton. “But I was in a unique situation where I had the chance to exhaust all options, so I tried to keep an open mind for as long as I could.” Colton later added, “You think that you have an idea of what’s gonna happen, but nobody’s meant to date 30 people at the same time.”

When Kimmel inquired about what to call them as a couple, Cassie responded, “Lovers? Boyfriend-girlfriend?” But then Colton shocked the crowd when he suggested, “Future wife?” Kimmel surmised, “You’re in the pre-engagement period, as they call it.”

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But back to the fantasy suite. Colton echoed what he said in the finale, telling Kimmel that he “wasn’t even thinking about” losing his virginity that night. Instead, he was “just more ready to fight for our relationship.” Looking back, Colton seems to regret his decision to tell “The Bachelor” producers about his love life, explaining, “I never thought it would become this big of a deal or story.”

Now that Colton and Cassie have found their happy ending, it’s time for Hannah Brown to have her chance. The Miss Alabama USA has been announced as the next star of “The Bachelorette,” which airs May 13 on ABC.

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