‘Third time’s the charm, baby’: Joe Anglim is early favorite to win ‘Survivor: Edge of Extinction’ — But who’s in second place?

After coming in 10th place in “Survivor: Worlds Apart” and eighth place in “Survivor: Cambodia — Second Chance,” Joe Anglim is now hoping to make it to the winner’s circle in the brand new installment, “Survivor: Edge of Extinction.” Debuting Wednesday, February 20 on CBS, this 38th season brings back four popular players from the past for another chance at the million dollar prize: Joe, Aubry Bracco, David Wright and Kelley Wentworth. Based on our early “Survivor” predictions, Joe has the early lead to win on his third try, but who’s in second place?

“This game will take everything from you but you also have to give everything to the game,” Joe declares in the “Edge of Extinction” preview trailer. “You know, there are archetypes like me that people say will never win. I’m gonna prove ’em wrong. Third time’s the charm, baby.” Joe’s kind-hearted personality was his downfall in prior seasons, as he was seen as a threat by others who didn’t want to face off against him in a final jury vote.

However, Joe’s physical prowess should make him an asset in the early days for his yellow Kama tribe, which also consists of Aubry and seven newbies: waitress Victoria Baamonde (23), teacher Ron Clark (46), medical assistant Julia Carter (24), firefighter Eric Hafemann (34), divorce lawyer Aurora McCreary (32), toymaker Julie Rosenberg (46) and YMCA director Gavin Whitson (23). It would be a shock to see Joe voted out early for that reason alone.

Joe’s closest competition looks to be none other than Kelley, who comes in second on our winner’s chart. Kelley initially came in 14th place in “Survivor: San Juan del Sur — Blood vs. Water” but was later asked back for “Survivor: Cambodia — Second Chance” where she placed fourth. In the latest preview trailer Kelly proclaims, “I’m a very tough strong woman. Hear me roar! I’m all about that.”

How will the returning players fare against the 14 new castaways? Host Jeff Probst asserts, “The returning players offer a lot of value. And the new players need to take that value but still make sure they don’t fall in love. Thirty-eight seasons in and I think it comes down to a basic fundamental DNA: We want this adventure.” Tune in to CBS on February 20 to see if Joe can live up the early expectations our readers have set for him.

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