John Legend’s latest ‘The Voice’ artist is a Leonardo DiCaprio lookalike who’s gonna be ‘catnip for America’ [WATCH]

Night 3 of “The Voice” Season 16 blind auditions began with John Legend nabbing another artist for his team: Jacob Maxwell. This Leonardo DiCaprio lookalike impressed John and Kelly Clarkson with his intimate performance of Taylor Swift‘s “Delicate,” but he ultimately chose to join Team Legend. “His voice has got such a beautiful tone, it feels like otherworldy,” John explained about his young artist. “He’s gonna be able to do a lot of types songs because his voice is so pure. He’s gonna be catnip for America. All the young girls are gonna be voting for him.” Watch Jacob’s “The Voice” blind audition video above.

“Jacob, I’m glad you have a Biblical name because I felt like your voice is heavenly,” John raved after his performance. “I thought a little bit about Jeff Buckley, a little bit about James Morrison. I just love your tone — it’s like sweet, it’s distinct. And then at the end you showed me I took a good risk by turning it around early because you hit those notes so beautifully with power and energy. I would love to have you on my team. You’re a really pure, beautiful singer. We’re gonna make America really happy I think. They’re gonna love it.”

After Jacob thanked him, John then turned to Kelly and proclaimed, “And he looks like Leonardo DiCaprio! He’s like a freaking movie star, too.” That’s when Jacob interjected, “I get Harry Styles more than that, but I’ll accept Leonardo DiCaprio.”

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Kelly was disheartened when Jacob didn’t pick her, believing it to be part of a trend that’s happening this season: “So far with Season 16 I feel like men are against me. I feel like men don’t pick me a ton.” She later added, “This is like junior high all over again. I can’t even get a dude to come to my team. Like, what’s wrong with me? I’m a catch!”

The Coeur d’Alene, Idaho resident also wowed Adam Levine, who admittedly “screwed up” by not turning his chair around. That’s a decision he seems to be regretting. “If John lets him go, I’ll be right here,” Adam promised, referring to the upcoming knockouts and battles that allow rival coaches to steal artists from other teams.

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