Jonathan Bennett (‘Celebrity Big Brother’) exit interview: Lindsay Lohan ‘would kill me if I didn’t protect her mom!’

A stunned Jonathan Bennett was the first houseguest to be evicted from Season 2 of “Celebrity Big Brother” during Friday’s live eviction episode on CBS. “First of all, don’t get an Olympic gold medalist to team up with you the second you walk in the house,” Jonathan explained to host Julie Chen Moonves. “That was the biggest mistake, but Ryan [Lochte] picked me so that’s how it happened.”

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The powerful pairing of Jonathan and Ryan put an early target on his back. “I was in the house for like 30 seconds before I was on the block because of the twist,” he exclaimed. “So I won the HOH and then I’m on the block. Then all the sudden you have to start making alliances to keep you there without ever knowing anyone!”

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Julie wasted no time pouring salt in Jonathan’s wounds when she reminded him that he had an unprecedented three chances to save himself. “Correct,” he shamefully admitted, but “I’m also not athletic.” Julie then interrupted, calling Jonathan a liar. “You were good at those competitions,” she said. “Don’t undersell yourself.” Julie had another theory as to why Jonathan was evicted: Protecting Dina Lohan.

“At the end of the day, I know Lindsay [Lohan] would kill me if I didn’t protect her,” Jonathan insisted. “It’s Dina. You have to protect someone who’s not going to win some of those physical challenges and I felt that it was my responsibility with Ryan to protect Dina.” Julie didn’t feel like Jonathan was grasping what he did wrong so she explained it to him further. “You stuck your neck out for [Dina], you didn’t clue in the women in your alliance, that planted seeds of doubt in their heads against you, they were blindsided, and that was the beginning of the end for you!”

Despite being the first houseguest evicted, Jonathan enjoyed his time in the house and still believes his alliance with Lochte was his biggest downfall. “Ryan and Joey [Lawrence] didn’t know how an alliance worked!” he exclaimed. “It was like taking puppies and trying to get them to all face the same direction.” Still, Jonathan enjoyed his time on “Celebrity Big Brother.” “It was the best experience of my life,” he said. “I’m so grateful that I got to do this and now I get to watch them from my couch.”

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