What do YOU think Keith’s ‘Survivor’ decision will be: Visit Edge of Extinction or leave the game? [POLL]

Talk about a cliffhanger! During Wednesday’s second episode of “Survivor: Edge of Extinction,” Keith Sowell was voted out of his tribe by a near-unanimous vote. He was then presented with two decisions: visit Edge of Extinction or leave the game. However, unlike in the season premiere when eliminated castaway Reem Daly easily decided to take the boat to Extinction Island, Keith’s decision was not revealed in the episode. Which option do YOU think Keith will ultimately choose? Vote in our poll below.

“Dang!” Keith shouted when he arrived at the ominous sign post that instructed, “You have a decision to make.” Option one read: “If you want a chance to get back in the game, take the torch and get in the boat.” Option two read: “If you do not want to play anymore, follow this path and your adventure will end.”

Keith seemed to struggle with what decision to make, at one point going to grab the torch but then having second thoughts. Keith asked God for help — in fact, we counted 10 different “God” references and two for “Jesus” — but if Keith was waiting for a sign, we have news for him: the sign was right in front of his face!

Alone at Extinction Island, Reem was doubting her decision to remain in the game. “I am like so down in the dumps,” she declared as the credits rolled. “I’ve been here for three freaking days and I’ve eaten maybe a bite or two of coconut. I don’t know, man, if no one shows up I may have to raise that flag.”

If Reem or any of her future island roommates decides that they’ve had enough of Extinction Island, then all they have to do is raise the white flag and a boat will come to take them home. Reem arguably will have the toughest time on the island since she’s there all alone and future inhabitants will have people to talk to, so we totally understand her frustration.

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