Kelly Osbourne (‘The Masked Singer’) exit interview: ‘I hate being anonymous’ as Ladybug [WATCH]

“I hate being anonymous!” roared Kelly Osbourne moments after being unmasked as the Ladybug on Fox’s wild and wacky reality TV show “The Masked Singer.” After performing “Youngblood” during Wednesday’s eighth episode, this singer-songwriter, fashion designer and television host lost the audience vote against Flower, Fox, Rottweiler and Tree and was forced to reveal her true identity in front of America. In Kelly’s exit interview following the taping (watch above), she added, “I do not like [anonymity]. That is not for me.”

Kelly continued on, “I couldn’t talk to anyone. I have no idea who anyone is. Keeping the secret of doing the show [was hard].” She then revealed, “All of my friends are mad at me because I’ve had to pretty much lie to them about where I come every day and what I’m doing and why I’m having singing lessons.”

As for why Kelly signed up for “The Masked Singer” Season 2, she explained, “I came on this show to overcome a fear of being in front of a camera again and being the new me and working again. I took so much time off to get my life together. I did that — everything I wanted to achieve and more.”

Kelly had a good laugh about the judges’ bad guesses, including Lily Collins, Paris Jackson, Lindsay Lohan and Jamie Lynn Spears. “No one guessed correctly who I was,” she chuckled. “See, I thought my clues were gonna give me away, but I didn’t realize they were really good. And the hardest part is, independently, every one of them I know outside of the show.”

“I am gonna miss being the Ladybug, it’s weird,” Kelly confirmed. “You become it. It becomes you.” However, she followed that up be claiming, “I’m not gonna miss breathing in my own breath and not being able to see.” Will you miss Ladybug, aka Kelly Osbourne, on “The Masked Singer”? Sound off down in the comments section.

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