Derby-ites have spoken: 44% say Kevin Hart should host the Oscars [POLL RESULTS]

Derby-ites are apparently ready to forgive and forget Kevin Hart‘s  10-year-old homophobic tweets. Our poll was inspired by the comic actor’s appearance on Ellen DeGeneres‘ syndicated talk show on Friday.  The openly gay DeGeneres, who has hosted the Academy Awards telecast twice, in 2007 and 2014, stood up for Hart, who had stepped down after word of his questionable social media jokes became an issue. She even said that she had called the academy and they were all for her convincing him to reconsider.

As she told her guest: “You have grown, you have apologized, you are apologizing again right how. Don’t let those people win — host the Oscars.”

Not everyone is ready to give Hart a pass for his past sins. In the poll, 24% said that they would not want him to oversee the show no matter what Ellen said.

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Right now, the show that airs on Feb. 24 is currently host-less. That would please 17% of our respondents. It would certainly encourage the often-inflated three-hour-plus show to move faster. About 12% thought Ellen should not have acted as a intermediary on the subject. Meanwhile, 3% said they wouldn’t watch the Oscars no matter who hosted.

More than few of those taking the poll took advantage of our comments section to make their case. Zeke had this to say: “Enough is enough. Kevin Hart made a comment/joke years ago and his career has been on the rise since then.  No one cared about the joke. But let the Academy offer him a hosting job, and then someone with way too much time on their hands dug through old tweets or interviews or whatever and found the comment and all hell has to break loose because, well, gay people. I’m a gay man and I could give two shits about gay jokes.”

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Kaci Christian had an opposing opinion: “Hopefully that ship has sailed and Hart won’t be at the helm. Governors of the Academy — #Awkwafina would be a great host. Call her. The no-host contingent also sounded off. Wrote AWDubay: “No host would be best .. show us more awards and less non funny comedians pulling stunts.”

As for those upset over DeGeneres getting involved, here is what is on Hawaiian Air’s mind: “Hell, nah. Put Tiffany Haddish or Ricky Gervais. Ellen loves her some good PR. I can’t blame her. Opportunist. … Gay men have been the butt of a joke for many years and in this 21st Century we have to gain the respect we really actually deserve.”

The clock is ticking and the academy will have to decide sooner or later which way to go. Hart or part, host or no host. Either way, the show will go on.

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