Ladder acrobat Uzeyer Novruzov tries to redeem disastrous ‘America’s Got Talent’ fall: ‘I could have died’ [WATCH]

The last time acrobat Uzeyer Novruzov appeared on NBC’s reality TV show “America’s Got Talent,” he fell from the top of a tall ladder on live television. “I could have died on that trick,” Uzeyer now says about his 2015 tumble that resulted in him being a finalist on the 10th season. Four years later, the Azerbaijani star tried to redeem himself by doing the same ladder trick on spinoff series “America’s Got Talent: The Champions.” Did Uzeyer succeed this time around? Watch the “AGT” performance video above.

Judges Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum, Mel B and Howie Mandel welcomed Uzeyer back with open arms, but when Howie said that he remembered the infamous fall, Uzeyer shot back, “Forget.” Howie responded, “You want me to forget it?” And the acrobat simply said, “Yes.”

Looking back, Uzeyer declared that his tumble was “a really, really emotional moment.” He added, “After that fall I recovered and I wasn’t planning on touching that ladder again. But I came back to ‘America’s Got Talent: The Champions’ to have a chance to redeem myself. I’ve been waiting for this moment. I cannot fail in this trick. I’m here to prove I can be a champion.”

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The music started and Uzeyer’s acts began. First he brought out a smaller ladder and hopped around on it and did flips through it, clearly having a bit of fun. Then the tone changed as he grabbed the infamous large ladder from behind the stage and started to climb it. As the ladder wobbled back and forth dramatically, Uzeyer finally climbed to the very top. The audience cheered as he raised his arms in triumph.

“You’re still here!” shouted an excited Howie. Mel said that she was “so relieved” he didn’t fall this time. Heidi noted that he was the perfect mixture of “Charlie Chaplin and Evel Knievel.” Simon informed him, “You’ve got balls … you almost didn’t.” Despite his success, the Superfans who hold all the power in “AGT: Champions” voted Uzeyer out of the competition. The two acts who advanced to the Finals were the Superfans’ choice Preacher Lawson and Mel B’s Golden Buzzer pick Susan Boyle.

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