Yes, Lady Gaga’s mom and Glenn Close really are good friends — and once crashed an apartment together [WATCH]

During Lady Gaga‘s breathless Best Actress speech for “A Star Is Born” at Sunday’s Critics’ Choice Awards, she mentioned that she was thrilled to have tied with Glenn Close (“The Wife”), who was also elated about the dual wins, because her mother and Close are good friends. That is, in fact, true and not some concocted award season anecdote. And no, they didn’t just meet this season either — they’ve been pals for years.

Close discussed her “wonderful” friendship with Cynthia Germanotta on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” two years ago, telling a charming story of how they crashed Germanotta’s old apartment in New York City (watch above). As Close tells it, the two were having lunch when Germanotta mentioned she hadn’t been back to her first apartment in the Village since she lived there. Close suggested they go see it, and when they arrived it started “pouring rain.”

“This woman came down the street with this dog and said, ‘Would you like to stand in the lobby to get out of the rain?'” Close recalled. “We said, ‘Sure.’ And then we started talking in the lobby and Cynthia said, ‘I used to live in this building,’ and the woman said, ‘What apartment?’ and she said [the unit]. And [the woman] said, ‘That’s my apartment.’ So I said, ‘Let’s go up and see it!’

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The woman brought Close and Germanotta to the apartment, which she, a horror movie fanatic, had covered with horror movie posters. “We sat there, we took pictures, we looked out the window, and then it was, ‘Bye, it was great meeting you!'” Close said.

But before they left, Close, whom the woman had recognized, convinced Germanotta to tell the woman that she’s Lady Gaga’s mother. “[The woman] went, ‘Oh my god!” Close said. “And then we walked out of her life and it was a beautiful moment!”

So Gaga’s mother probably was just as stoked about that tie as her daughter and close pal were.

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