Leslie Jones wants first-time host Kit Harington to ‘bend the knee’ in this hilarious ‘SNL’ promo: ‘This is my fantasy!’ [WATCH]

Leslie Jones‘ most intimate “Game of Thrones” fantasies are about to come true. In this week’s “Saturday Night Live” preview trailer (watch above), Jones dresses up like “GoT” characters Hodor, Daenerys Targaryen and Septa Unella as she teases first-time host Kit Harington. “Is this even for the show?” Harington asks after she makes him wear oven mitts. “No, this is my fantasy!” Jones shouts back while sitting on a cardboard version of Danny’s Dragonstone throne. Harington’s episode of “SNL” airs live coast-to-coast April 6 on NBC with musical guest Sara Bareilles.

The “SNL” promo begins with Jones in full-on Hodor makeup as she holds back a makeshift door. She then sets up dolls and bobbleheads, including Jon Snow and the Night King, to mimic the Hardhome battle from the fifth season in which the villain resurrected the dead. Jones also pretends to be a dragon as she destroys a bubble-wrapped wall, a wink to the Season 7 finale that aired in August 2017.

“I assume, my Lord, you are here to bend the knee,” Jones declares while wearing a long flowing white wig and a sash made of foil. When Harington  responds in his Jon Snow voice that he’s not going to bow to her, Jones replies, “Well, that’s unfortunate.”

That’s when Harington finally breaks character. “Leslie, what are we actually doing here?” the annoyed actor demands to know. “I mean, I’ve been here for four hours, but you just intercepted me at reception and gave me these — are these oven mitts?”

Jones is not happy when Harington walks away, with the scene cutting to a recreation of the infamous walk of shame from the Season 5 finale. Jones plays the “Shame!”-shouting Septa Unella as Harington takes on the role of Lena Headey‘s Cersei Lannister. “Are those donuts?” he asks as he gets pelted with pastries.

“I love donuts, Jon Snow!” Jones announces. When Harington says that his name is Kit, she fire back, “No it’s not! Not today it ain’t.” The clip ends with Jones shoving a donut into Harington’s mouth after he inquires about when he gets to meet “Saturday Night Live” producer Lorne Michaels.

At the Emmys, Jones received two Best Comedy Supporting Actress nominations for “SNL” (2017-18) while Harington earned a single bid for “Game of Thrones” as Best Drama Supporting Actor (2016). They’re both eligible again this year, though Harington will now compete as Best Drama Actor despite being snubbed in this leading race last season. The final season of “Game of Thrones” debuts April 14 on HBO.

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