Which MALE Sole ‘Survivor’ do you hope returns for an all-winners season: Richard, Boston Rob, Cochran … ? [POLL]

It’s official: 65% of “Survivor” fans have voted that they want to see an all-winners edition for the reality TV show’s 40th season (scheduled for early 2020). If the stars align, which castaways do you hope return for this long-awaited battle of the champions? As a refresher, over the past 38 seasons men accounted for 23 victories while 15 seasons were won by women (see all winners in our photo gallery above). Vote in our poll below to tell us which MALE Sole “Survivors” must be a part of this potential all-winners season.

Many consider Richard Hatch, the show’s first-ever winner, to be the best of the best even 19 years later. Richard’s way of playing the game in “Borneo” — from creating alliances to being boastful about eliminating people — helped shape the reality TV villain of today. “I’ve got the million-dollar check written already,” Richard bragged on day one. “It’s that kind of cocky attitude that makes people really hate your guts.” Richard claimed the original $1 million prize, but when he returned years later in “All-Stars” a tribe swap caught him off-guard and he became the fifth person eliminated.

“Boston” Rob Mariano has competed in a record-tying four seasons — “Marquesas,” “All Stars,” “Heroes vs. Villains” and “Redemption Island” — and will also be a part of this fall’s “Island of the Idols” as a mentor (along with Sandra Diaz-Twine) to the new players. Since he finally prevailed on his fourth try, it’s highly unlikely he would want to return as a player and potentially end up once again on the loser’s list, but perhaps a season of all-winners would peak Rob’s competitive spirit enough so that he pulls out his infamous red hat one more time.

After coming in eighth place in “South Pacific,” Cochran returned as a fan-favorite in “Caramoan” and proved victorious. In fact, Cochran did the unthinkable on his second appearance by never receiving an elimination vote at tribal council and then winning unanimously with an 8-0-0 jury vote against Sherri Biethman and Dawn Meehan. This fish-out-of-water competitor is such a “Survivor” superfan that he’s appeared at virtually every live reunion show since his triumph, with host Jeff Probst often calling him out in the audience.

The show’s other male winners are Ethan Zohn (“Africa”), Brian Heidik (“Thailand”), Chris Daugherty (“Vanuatu”), Tom Westman (“Palau”), Aras Baskauskas (“Panama”), Yul Kwon (“Cook Islands”), Earl Cole (“Fiji”), Todd Herzog (“China”), Bob Crowley (“Gabon”), J.T. Thomas (“Tocanins”), Jud “Fabio” Birza (“Nicaragua”), Tyson Apostol (“Blood vs. Water”), Tony Vlachos (“Cagayan”), Mike Holloway (“Worlds Apart”), Jeremy Collins (“Cambodia”), Adam Klein (“Millennials vs. Gen X”), Ben Driebergen (“Heroes v. Healers v. Hustlers”), Wendell Holland (“Ghost Island”), Nick Wilson (“David vs. Goliath”) and Chris Underwood (“Edge of Extinction”). Which male “Survivor” champ do YOU hope returns for an all-winners season?

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