Give Meryl Streep the Screen Actors Guild life achievement award! [Poll Results]

According to our latest poll results, you want to give Meryl Streep the Screen Actors Guild life achievement award next January. Last year’s recipient Alan Alda was announced by the SAG Awards on October 4, so the next person will probably be revealed very soon. If their past history remains true, the choice will be someone at least 70 years old with either a strong career in film, television or both.

It is surprising that Streep hasn’t been chosen already, but that’s the case with all of the people featured in our poll. See the full list below along with the percentage each received.

The following living people have already received this award and wouldn’t be chosen again (year referenced is from the ceremony): Joanne Woodward (1986), Robert Redford (1996), Angela Lansbury (1997), Kirk Douglas (1999), Sidney Poitier (2000), Edward Asner (2002), Clint Eastwood (2003), Julie Andrews (2007), James Earl Jones (2009), Betty White (2010), Dick Van Dyke (2013), Rita Moreno (2014), Carol Burnett (2016), Lily Tomlin (2017), Morgan Freeman (2018) and Alan Alda (2019).

Here are the 12 possibilities featured in our poll below, all over age 70. Many have already been honored for similar awards by the American Film Institute, Golden Globes and/or Kennedy Center Honors. We did not include Gene Hackman or Jack Nicholson since both are retired and seemingly reluctant to make public appearances.

Three-time Oscar winner (“Kramer vs. Kramer,” “Sophie’s Choice,” “The Iron Lady”) in 21 nominations; three-time Emmy winner (“Holocaust,” “Angels in America,” “Five Came Back”) in four nominations.

One-time Oscar nominee; Honorary Oscar recipient; two-time Emmy winner (“The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman”) in 15 nominations.

Two-time Oscar winner (“Tootsie,” “Blue Sky”) in six nominations; three-time Emmy winner (“Grey Gardens,” “American Horror Story”) in 10 nominations.

One-time Oscar winner (“Terms of Endearment”) in six nominations; one-time Emmy winner (“Gypsy in My Soul”) in six nominations.

Two-time Oscar winner (“Funny Girl,” “A Star Is Born”) in five nominations; four-time Emmy winner (“My Name Is Barbra,” “Barbra: The Concert,” “Timeless”) in nine nominations.

One-time Oscar winner (“Scent of a Woman”) in eight nominations; two-time Emmy winner (“Angels in America,” “You Don’t Know Jack”) in three nominations.

Two-time Oscar winner (“The Godfather, Part II,” “Raging Bull”) in seven nominations; four-time Emmy nominee.

One-time Oscar nominee.

One-time Oscar winner (“Reds”) in 14 nominations; Irving Thalberg recipient.

Two-time Oscar winner (“Norma Rae,” “Places in the Heart”) in three nominations; three-time Emmy winner (“Sybil,” “E.R.,” “Brothers and Sisters”) in nine nominations.

Two-time Oscar winner (“Kramer vs. Kramer,” “Rain Man”) in seven nominations; one-time Emmy winner in two nominations

One-time Oscar winner (“Annie Hall”) in two nominations; one-time Emmy nominee.

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