Michael E. Knight finally arrives at ‘General Hospital’ on September 30, so who is he really playing?

It was recently announced that longtime “All My Children” alum Michael E. Knight would be moving to “General Hospital” this fall, and the date is upon us: he begins airing on Monday, September 30. But who will he be playing? We now have some intel.

“GH” head writers Chris Van Etten and Dan O’Connor told Entertainment Weekly that Knight, alas, will not be reprising his most famous role as “AMC’s” Tad Martin despite the fact that numerous other characters have crossed over between ABC’s soaps in the past. But Van Etten explained, “There are a number of people in Port Charles who are in trouble and his character will have an impact on how their stories are solved or further complicated.”

Well that doesn’t tell us much — someone in Port Charles is always in trouble, though of course you can’t blame the showrunners for keeping us in suspense. This is a soap opera, after all. But O’Connor does tease the fact that Knight will share scenes with his former “AMC” co-star and good buddy James Patrick Stuart, who plays Valentin Cassadine on “GH”: “It’s a treat for the audience to see performers who have worked together in the past mix it up.”

Knight was actually the third Tad Martin on “AMC,” but he was the definitive portrayer, taking over that role in 1982 and playing it until the soap’s cancellation in 2011. He even popped up in an episode of the short-lived streaming revival of “AMC” in 2013. Over the years he won three Daytime Emmys for the role: two as a younger actor (1986-1987) and one as a supporting actor (2001). After “AMC” went off the air Knight also had a recurring stint on “The Young and the Restless.” Are you excited for Knight’s imminent return to daytime TV?

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