‘Mr. Robot’ final season trailer and premiere date: Oscar winner Rami Malek is about to ‘cross the line’ [WATCH]

“If you go down this path, it’ll never end. There will always be something else, another symbol to destroy, more people to save. This is an endless war. What you’re about to do is crossing a line,” says Christian Slater in the new trailer for the long-awaited fourth and final season of “Mr. Robot.” The final episodes start airing on the USA Network on October 6. Watch the new preview above.

“Mr. Robot” made its star Rami Malek a household name and won him an Emmy for Best Drama Actor in 2016. But the show has been off the air since its third season concluded in December 2017, and a lot has changed since then. In the interim, series creator Sam Esmail shot the Amazon drama series “Homecoming” and Malek starred as rock star Freddie Mercury in a little movie called “Bohemian Rhapsody” — maybe you’ve heard of it. “Rhapsody” grossed almost a billion dollars worldwide, and Malek won the Oscar for Best Actor.

Now Malek and Esmail are both back to say goodbye to their breakthrough series. Malek stars in this paranoid conspiracy thriller as Elliot Alderson, a crusading computer hacker fighting against his split personality, Mr. Robot (played by Slater), for control of his psyche. All the while he has struggled to foil an international conspiracy involving a shady American corporation and a Chinese hacker collective led by Whiterose (BD Wong). And from the looks of the new trailer it looks like the endgame will take place around a not-so-merry Christmas.

So how will this mind-bending drama come to an end? Will Elliot regain control of his life or completely succumb to madness?

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