Ninja revealed as ‘The Masked Singer’ Ice Cream: ‘I overcame one of the craziest fears that I’ve ever had’ [WATCH]

“I overcame one of the craziest fears that I’ve ever had. Like, I don’t even sing in front of myself!” That’s what Ninja (aka Richard Tyler Blevins) had to say on Wednesday night after being revealed as Ice Cream on the Season 2 premiere of “The Masked Singer.” In his post-show Fox interview (watch above), Ninja revealed, “I chose the Ice Cream because of my blue hair and, I mean, I love sweets. It was kind of perfect.”

For those “Masked Singer” fans of a certain age, Ninja rose to fame through his various online and gaming projects, including YouTube and Twitch — ask your kids. Of course, the 28-year-old streamer isn’t known for singing, which is undoubtedly why he was one of the first two celebs to be unmasked (the other was figure skater Johnny Weir as the Egg).

“I’ve only sang in front of six people, up until now,” Ninja confessed. “Going from that to an audience of a couple hundred, it’s a big step. It was incredibly nerve-wracking. I’ve never done anything like this before, so it was really awesome and incredible. I’m just gonna miss being able to make people laugh and smile. I feel like a lot of people fell in love with the Ice Cream.”

Ninja described the “mentally draining” process of putting on the costume and performing in front of America, especially because he’s “not a singer.” He added, “I’ve never sang with an earpiece in before, so I had to do all these things to actually get ready to not completely blow it on stage and actually practice. It was a little stressful, but definitely worth it in the end.”

“My message to all the Ice Cream fans out there is keep putting the time in and work harder than anyone else around you and you can achieve your dreams,” Ninja concluded. Ice Cream was unmasked after losing the head-to-head showdown against Ladybug. Ninja’s two performances on the show were “Old Town Road” by Lil Nas X and Billy Ray Cyrus and “Whip It” by Devo.

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