Sassy Oscar nominations reactions from our forums: From ‘They snubbed Timmy!’ to ‘Marina de Tavira yeeeees!’

Over the past 91 years the Oscars have learned that it’s impossible to please everybody, and this year is no exception. Gold Derby readers, some of whom are industry insiders who hide behind cyber handles, have been busy all day discussing the 2019 Oscar nominations. As expected, some users are furious over the many head-scratching snubs (like Timothee Chalamet for “Beautiful Boy”) while others are elated about the pleasant surprises (like Marina de Tavira for “Roma”). Below, see a sampling of comments from our sassy forum posters and then be sure to join the discussion to have YOUR say.

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fivestar: “‘Roma’ snub in editing means it ain’t frontrunner for BP anymore right?”

nicholas27: “ reassured by the fact that I’ve had the right best picture nominees for the last month. It’s been fun. I’m going back to bed.”

Nate: “‘Roma’ is definitely winning Best Picture now, even without an editing nomination.”

Ivo Stoyanov: “‘Green Book’ is probably winning, deal with it.”

Vicennn: “Attention: Best Picture nominee ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ crossing 800M box office.”

aahoto: “‘The Favourite’ got everything. Give it Best Picture already please!”

H.H.: “The only movies that could win are ‘Roma’ and ‘The Favourite.’ Not bad.”

JackO: “While ‘Favourite’ isn’t winning, it did perform well enough today, to be able to defend it’s home turf against ‘Roma.'”



Stegeo: “Cooper’s wig snatched! Shook!”

AWDubay: “WOW …. I cant believe that they snubbed Bradley … it’s ‘Argo’ all over again.”

BenitoDelicias: “No Bradley in Directing? Will this be the start of his new Best Actor campaign? The one they should’ve focused on weeks and weeks ago?”

Marcus Snowden: “I was so over the moon about Spike Lee’s nomination in the category.”

Mukund: “‘The Favourite’ got in for directing. It actually got in everywhere it was expected/needed to and I’m over the moon for it.”


David Michael C. Lopez: “Go, Rami, Go Rami!”

Teridax: “No John David Washington, damn. Dafoe over Hawke, GTFO people! Now I’ve gotta see that one too.”

KLV: “There you go, Bradley will win actor. He won’t campaign for any of his nomination other than actor, I suppose.”

PreludeinCSharpMinor: “Cooper wins Best Actor now, don’t ya think? His consolation for not gettin a nod in Directing.”

24fanatic: “No Ethan Hawke for a career-best performance makes me sad.”


BICTH: “Yalitza Aparicio happened y’all……”

Greg: “Ok these nominations are trash. No Emily Blunt or Toni Collette.”

ospencer: “My heart just broke a little for Emily.”

JustGuy89: “Yaaas! Yalitza!!! And Marina!!! Alfonso’s speeches worked!”

tom92: “Glenn Close has had her fun now but it’s really Gaga’s turn to win some awards. Ending with Oscar night. Best actress will be Lady Gaga.”


nevkm: “They snubbed Timmy!! What??”

chem_x: “Wow Timothee didn’t make it!”

Eden: “I knew Rockwell is an easier pick than Chalamet, damn it.”

M: “Good news for Sam Elliot though, after his under-performance during the entire season.”

HappyLittleWorkingSong: “Timothee Chalamet, sweetie, I love you, you deserve better than this.”


O’Hara: “MARINA DE TAVIRA YEEEEES. Poor Margot Robbie though, poor her.”


touchofmyfeet: “Tavira nom shows that the academy LOVE ‘Roma.'”

marcelo: “Great choice Marina de Tavira. Beautiful performance.”

Atypical: “Marina De Tavira for slot five! WOW!!! Well done with a rare foreign language performance in supporting actress in a heavily contested category!”

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