Watch a tech-bedeviled Oscar predictions slugfest of staggering genius: Michael Musto vs. Jeff Wells vs. Tom O’Neil

Oh, lordy, is Jeff Wells (Hollywood Elsewhere) ever going to bitch about this! Our Oscars video chat with Michael Musto is a train wreck of production snafus! Michael’s camera wouldn’t work so he can’t be seen, just heard. Jeffrey looks great (nifty hipster glasses and hardo) except for the fact that it seems like somebody turned up the color saturation dial to max in my video recording console. Meantime, I’m blanched like an anemic ghost. And throughout doing this slugfest, none of us heard that nasty, annoying scratch, scratch, scratch on the audio track. Or else I would’ve stopped the recording and rebooted, of course.

Oh, well. I really, really shouldn’t post this video at all. We should regroup and do a new yapfest, but there’s no time for that. PGA Awards are 72 hours away. Right now it’s more important to have this conversation than to worry about its tech woes. Let’s publish this thing!

My apologies to Jeff and Michael! Let’s reconnect after PGA and do a clean, new, woe-free dish session!

See Michael’s current Oscar predictions here. Jeff’s here. Mine here. See our picks for Best Picture side-by-side with 27 other Oscarologists. Disagree? Make your predictions here! Hurry! Oscar noms come out next week!

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