2019 Oscars reactions: Cheers and jeers for 91st Academy Awards by forum posters [UPDATING LIVE]

Our forum posters, many of whom are Hollywood insiders who hide their identities behind screen names, are busy commenting on Sunday’s 91st Academy Awards. Below, just a sampling of what they had to say about all 24 competitive races at the 2019 Oscars. Take a read and then join the discussion, if you dare.


Best Picture

bicth: “they’re really playing clips from EVERY MOVIE released last year aren’t they”

ospencer: “HOW DARE THEY use a clip of Eighth Grade after the outrageous snub”

kellis: “Why was the T-Rex the only thing actually good in that “Movies of 2018” montage?”

PoweR: “Black Panther vs. Roma for Best Picture???”

Mukund: “Black Panther got a big applause. So did Roma. Let’s stop this BP love at this, shall we?”

ospencer: “Black Panther is not winning best picture. Let’s not overreact it doesn’t have screenplay, directing or acting nominations”

Guest 2018: “This is just the Oscars trying to draw us in, trying to make us think Black Panther will pull off a movie version of the Miracle On Ice.  “Must….not…..fall…for….it….”

BamaEd: ” loved Mike and Dana introducing Bohemian Rhapsody. I want to hang out with Awkwafina. I love her chemistry with John Mulaney.Very happy for Bao as well 🙂”


Minnie511: “Hahahaha yes Green Book!!!!! Thank you for making the worst possible choice. Now I’m happy 😀”

Best Director

PoweR: “Cuaron is going to win Best Director, but watch Black Panther take Picture.”

FreemanGriffin: “Roma! Alfonso Cuaron! Let it win BP as well! (:

3 for Roma, 4 for Bohemian Rhapsody, 2 for Green Book, 3 for Black Panther, 1 for The Favourite, 1 for A Star is Born, 1 for BlacKkKlansman, 1 for Vice… c’mon, Roma, win BP!”

Best Actress

M: “Just remember that Gaga is NOT allowed to tear up tonight if she wins. If she does, it must be fake tears.”

paulsonalypse: “Okay I’m gonna cry with her.”

Vicennn: “wait, our girl Olivia isn’t there???”

ospencer: “she is”

Guest 2018: Ramin Setoodeh of Variety: “Lady Gaga left her seat 15 minutes ago and she has still not returned. She didn’t see Serena Williams introduce the film.”

Guest 2018: “We’re all here for Gaga. Lady Gaga (A Star is Born) should win best actress.”

jonny: “Come on Olivia, please”


PoweR: “Poor Glenn. 🙁 Olivia Colman did an excellent job!”



Caelin Cripps: “I AM SHOOKETH haha Glenn better be praying for Sunset Boulevard to get made soon!!”

Gabriel Guarin: “Olivia winning over Glenn is like Juliette Binoche winning over Lauren Bacall. Somewhat, at least. How could they deny Glenn? How?!”

Best Actor

unown: “lol bale already looks unhappy!”

paulsonalypse: “It’s so boring. The opening act was awkward. I wanna acknowledge king Bale again. He didn’t even bother to stand up and dance during the Queen act and finally he was made to. He was the last one to stand up for Regina. My boy knows what’s what.”

bicth: “bradley’s facial expression is literally saying “whatever I’m just happy to be here””

paulsonalypse: “Guys I just realised Rami Malek is winning Actor later and messiness will touch biblical proportions.

ENGLAND: “I am the only one that still has Bale for Lead Actor. I still believe he will pull it off.”

OMI: “So far: Bohemian Rhapsody: winning. Critics: losing’ Biggest cheers from the audience voters every time its mentioned”

PoweR: “No suspense at all.  Punch, Rami!”

Atypical: “Disgusting. Malek winning for this is just awful. That clip full of cheesy lip-syncing was only the beginning of the disgrace.”


Best Supporting Actress

FreemanGriffin: “So happy about Supporting Actress being first! Hoping for Regina to win!

Let’s be civil with one another tonight! (:

We will know soon if the rumors about Whoopi Goldberg are true or not…”

linecelts: “Yes, same here for SA. Whoopi Goldberg is NOT hosting. Rumor was not true.”

abelfenty: “C’MON REGINAAAAA”

nicholas27: “Rachel deserves this based on clips alone”

FreemanGriffin: “Best Supporting Actress: REGINA KING!!!!!! (:”

Andrew229:  “Regina King baby”

Pulp: “Man some of y’all were trying really hard to make Rachel happen, but Regina was never gonna Stallone this.”

Guest 2018: “What the heck was If Beale Street Could Talk ABOUT? Adams hosed again.”

Joe Burns:  “I”m not that surprised- crazy that she was able to do it. I guess enough voters were able to vote for King without the BAFTA/SAG voters who didn”t nominate her mattering in the end. Poor Weisz though- ah well at least she has an Oscar.”

Ivo Stoyanov: “What a beautiful speech, I love that she acknowledged the others, Stone and Weisz are the ones that are going to be remember forever though. I predicted her btw, I see a very predictive ceremony.”

Monty: “I guess Bale is hoping for Amy to win, did he? He is also the the first one to sit down when Dicaprio won. He is certainly not the most diplomatic person.”

Best Supporting Actor

PoweR: “Best Supporting Actor: Mahersala Ali (of course). I went with my heart instead of my head with the short subjects so I know I will be wrong on them!”

Atypical: “Wow. 2 Oscars in 3 years like it’s nothing whatsoever. Go Mahershala!”

Eden: “Congrats to Ali for getting a second Oscar so soon, but Grant would’ve saved this disastrous night.”

Seven: “Mahershala really swept this entire thing. Such a king”

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Best Adapted Screenplay

kellis: “BKKK is honestly the only good win tonight. It’s time for me to leave this trash show tonight and do that paper I’ve been procrastinating on.”

Dan Jo” “Spike Lee is so funny. That was another Oscar moment and should be part of Oscar greatest moment.”

Best Original Screenplay

ospencer: “I’m killing someone if The Favourite loses Best Original Screenplay to Green Book.”

Gabriel Guarin: “The Favourite HAS to at least win Original Screenplay. There’s no way the Oscars could consider Green Book better written than The Favourite”

Freeman Griffing: “Best Original Screenplay: Green Book ): oh no! plese no! Don’t let this win BP!”

Best Cinematography

Best Costume Design

Freeman Griffin: “Best Costume Design: Ruth Carter for Black Panther. I predicted her but wanted The Favourite to win.”

Pulp: “Damn, I was actually really confident in the Favourite here. I hope there’s not too much love for Black Panther tonight”

Skies: “That super positive reaction for a costume design win is indicative of something, right? I still doubt Black Panther wins anything else”

BamaEd: “Go Ruth Carter!! I’m so happy that they went away from British period pieces this year. Those costumes in Black Panther were so imaginative and amazing.”

Kellis: “I have a feeling that The Favourite may go home empty handed now”

Pulp: “Don’t talk like that”

Kellis: “You’re right, I need to be taken to the kitchen by Rachel Weisz and get whipped for such blasphemy.”

HotNerdLover: “Black Panther’s costume design was fierce, inventive and intricate… this is most certainly a deserving win.”

AsyaabUpadhyaya: “And wow is that the first time someone got a standing o for winning Costume Design? The way Gaga just stood up in a heartbeat took me off guard. Such a deserving win for Ruth Carter. Black Panther’s costume design was stunning.”

Best Film Editing

FreemanGriffin: “Best Film Editing: Bohemian Rhapsody!!!!! (:”

Gregory Delisle: “Omg Bohemian Rhapsody?!?! Best Picture next???”

Best Makeup and Hairstyling

Bicth: “vice? for makeup? groundbreaking”

nicholas27: “I guess Bale is hoping for Amy to win, did he? He is also the the first one to sit down when Dicaprio won. He is certainly not the most diplomatic person.”

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Best Original Score

Gregory Delisle: “If Black Panther wins Original Score, the Academy is cancelled.”

nicholas22: “RIP to two of the best scores I’ve heard losing two years in a row:

2018: Phantom Thread

2019: If Beale Street Could Talk

dont worry true movie lovers APPRECIATE you”

Best Original Song

Pulp: “Is it an unpopular opinion to say the Diane Warren song always sucks? At least the 4 she’s been nominated for since I started watching the Oscars have.”

touchofmyfeet: “Is it me or Jennifer was off key?”

“touchofmyfeet: ” Gaga and Bradley will save this mess.”

Keth: “I love Bette. I wish “The Rose” would have been in a different year than “Norma Rae” – 1979 was when two actresses were Oscar worthy”

Guest 2019: “Sorry, Bette, you’re no Emily Blunt.”

atypical: “90 seconds aren’t doing these songs justice at all. Boooooo.”

ospencer: “But at least we had Adam Lambert screaming for 5 minutes”

bicth: “bradley sounded off but still better than I expected”

ospencer: “Gaga almost went for the kiss lol”

Joe Burns: “Standing ovation!”

HotNerdLover: “I swear Gaga was crying before her name was announced……if she wins Actress, she’ll pass out for sure.”

Best Production Design

kellis: “Oh my god, Black Panther again? The entire movie was basically a green screen.”

bicth: “Disney really tried their hardest this year didn’t they”

Best Sound Editing

Keth: “I know this movie has its flaws, but I loved “Bohemian Rhapsody”.


Eden: “The Bohemian Rhapsody PR team is the MVP of the season.”

Best Sound Mixing


FreemanGriffin: “So happy for these BR wins! I knew it would win both sound awards! The guilds wins convinced me and I changed my sound editing prediction afterwards and felt it would win both!”

Andrew229: “So First Man is leaving empty handed huh…”

JaredM1: “As it should!”

Best Visual Effects


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Best Foreign Language Film

HotNerdLover: “I want to see Never Look Away so badly. The Roma sweep begins…”

ospencer: “Alfonso Cuaron is a gifted filmmaker but an awful speech-giver.”

Just Guy 89: “Eahhhh Papá! Ahí vamos con el primero!! Viva Cuaron!!!! viva Roma!! Viva Mexico!!!!”


Atypical: “I hope this doesn’t mean that voters are done with it in BP b/c they took care of it here.”

Best Animated Feature

unown: “What has Wes Anderson got to do to get his Oscar ! god damn it!!!”

Best Animated Short

SHT L: “I get confused over people being confused over Bao. It was pretty easy to understand.”

FreemanGriffin: “What a speech! This win will give “Period. End of Sentence” great new exposure! Currently playing on Netflix.”

SHT L: “The bao was just a symbolic manifestation of the mother’s relationship with her son and how her overbearingness drove him away. Her eating the bao at the end was her destroying her son and her need to have him with her all the time killed the relationship. It’s a very common immigrant story, especially among Asian-Americans with parents who put their all into their children and become so overbearing on their kids not allowing them to leave to the point where it destroys any ability to have a relationship.”

Best Documentary Feature

Atypical: “Surprised “RBG” lost. Was rooting for “Minding the Gap” for Documentary Film.”

BamaEd: “I knew Free Solo would win, but, I went with Hale County for sentimental reasons. I grew up less than an hour away from where the documentary takes place. I can’t wait to be able to watch it, I’m sure I will be moved and sadly, not surprised.”

Best Documentary Short


Bicth: “a period should end a sentence not a girl’s education” yaaasssss!”

Atypical: “What a speech! This win will give “Period. End of Sentence” great new exposure! Currently playing on Netflix.”

Best Live Action Short

aahoto: YES FOR SKIN! Look how excited they are, how lovely.

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