Oscars 2019 In Memoriam: Which people made the cut and who was left out?

For Sunday’s Oscars 2019 ceremony, producers had a difficult decision of which film industry people would make the cut and who would be left out of the “In Memoriam.” For the segment, Gustavo Dudamel and the L.A. Philharmonic performed music by Oscar winner John Williams.

Over 100 Academy members or film industry veterans died in the past 12 months. Visit our own Gold Derby memoriam galleries for the year of 2018 and the newly-started gallery for 2019.

Stanley Donen would have certainly been included, but he died on the weekend after the segment had been finalized (look for him on the 2020 show). Here is list of some of the people included in the Memoriam tribute for the ceremony (Academy members are indicated with ** by their names):

Susan Anspach (actor)
Bernardo Bertolucci (director)
Yvonne Blake (costume designer)**
Paul Bloch (public relations)**
Françoise Bonnot (editor)**
Martin Bregman (producer)**
John Carter (editor)**
Anne V. Coates (editor)**
John Michael Dwyer (production designer)**
Albert Finney (actor)
Milos Forman (director)**
Bruno Ganz (actor)
William Goldman (writer)
Alexe Gordin (casting director)
Richard Greenberg (visual effects)**
Barbara Harris (actor)
Shinobu Hashimoto (writer)
Tab Hunter (actor)**
James Karen (actor)
Gloria Katz (writer)
Margot Kidder (actor)
Richard Kline (cinematographer)
Claude Lanzmann (director)**
Stan Lee (executive)
Michel Legrand (composer)
Richard Marks (editor)
Penny Marshall (actor/director)
John Morris (composer)
Burt Reynolds (actor)**
Nicolas Roeg (director)
Gregg Rudloff (sound mixer)
Neil Simon (writer)**
Isao Takahata (animator)
Will Vinton (animator)**
Audrey Wells (writer)**
Craig Zadan (producer)**

And here is a list of film people not included for the “In Memoriam”:

Paul Allen (executive)
Michael Anderson (director)**
Charles Aznavour (actor)
Henri Bollinger (public relations)**
Milton C. Burrow (sound)**
Joseph Campanella (actor)**
Carol Channing (actor)
Philip D’Antoni (producer)**
Hubert de Givenchy (costume designer)
Peter Donat (actor)**
Stan Dragoti (director)
R. Lee Ermey (actor)
Michael Ford (set decorator)
Aretha Franklin (actor/singer)
James Frawley (director)
Josh Greenfeld (writer)**
Carol Hall (composer)
James Ingram (composer)
Ricky Jay (actor)
Carlotta Florio Johnson (executive)
Mickey Jones (actor)**
Arnold Kopelson (producer)**
Gary Kurtz (producer)**
Francis Lai (composer)
Louise Latham (actor)**
Danny Leiner (director)
Andy Lewis (writer)
Mark Livolsi (editor)**
Sondra Locke (actor)
Don Lusk (animator)
Jerry Maren (actor)
Peter Masterson (writer/director)
Chuck McCann (actor)**
Peggy McCay (actor)**
Allyn Ann McLerie (actor)**
Dave Michener (animator)**
Ron Miller (executive)
Donald Moffat (actor)
Tim O’Connor (actor)**
Soon-Tek Oh (actor)**
Charlotte Rae (actor)**
Douglas Rain (actor)
Anthony Ray (producer)**
Thomas Rickman (writer)**
Frank Serafine (sound editor)
Bill Siegel (documentarian)
Kirk Simon (documentarian)**
David Stevens (director/writer)**
David Ogden Stiers (actor)
Ronnie Taylor (cinematographer)
Verne Troyer (actor)
Harry J. Ufland (producer)**
Patrick Williams (composer)**
Scott Wilson (actor)**
Paul Junger Witt (producer)**
Ralph Woolsey (cinematographer)

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