Oscars Live Blog 2019: Our sassy editors dish the best, worst and OMG moments from Sunday’s ceremony

Gold Derby editors and contributors are a sassy bunch who rarely agree on anything, and that’s never been more true than at the 2019 Oscars. This year’s ceremony airs live coast to coast Sunday, February 24 on ABC beginning at 8:00 p.m. ET/5:00 p.m. PT. As a refresher, “The Favourite” and “Roma” lead all films this year with 10 nominations apiece, followed by “A Star Is Born” and “Vice” at eight, “Black Panther” at seven, “BlacKkKlansman” at six and “Bohemian Rhapsody” and “Green Book” at five.

Follow along as the show unfolds with our musings on the best, worst and OMG moments of the 91st Academy Awards. Joining me in our fun live blog are: Chris Beachum, John Benutty, Charles Bright, David Buchanan, Sam Eckmann, Joyce Eng, Luca Giliberti, Jeffrey Kare, Zach Laws, Rob Licuria, Daniel Montgomery, Matt Noble, Tom O’Brien, Robert Pius, Tony Ruiz and Amanda Spears. Agree or disagree with our comments? Sound off down in the comments section to give us YOUR thoughts.

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MARCUS JAMES DIXON: Here we gooooo!

JOHN BENUTTY: Lady Gaga went for Bad Romance x Audrey Hepburn for the red carpet and it … didn’t pay off. Her hair is the wig Glenn wore in Guardians of the Galaxy!

TONY RUIZ: Wow. Christian Bale looks like he was almost cracking a smile.

SAM ECKMANN: I normally don’t care about the red carpet, but Louis Virtel is the perfect person for the job. He can rattle off niche trivia about anyone in attendance.

JEFFREY KARE: Queen is already rocking it!

AMANDA SPEARS: Adam Lambert did a good job but he’s nowhere close to Freddie Mercury.

MARCUS JAMES DIXON: Did y’all see Glenn Close rocking out to Queen? I can die happy now.

CHARLIE BRIGHT: As much as I have issues with the role that the remaining members of Queen had with how “Bohemian Rhapsody” turned out, you can’t deny that Brian May is AMAZING on guitar!

MATT NOBLE: Rami Malek did a better Freddie Mercury.

JOYCE ENG: Bradley’s like, “I can’t believe I’m losing to Freddie Mercury’s ghost.”

SAM ECKMANN: Great job, Adam Lambert. At least there is one queer man representing Freddie Mercury tonight.

CHRIS BEACHUM: There’s a reason Glenn Weiss keeps winning Emmys for directing the Oscars. All of those great audience shots for the opening!

MATT NOBLE: “We Are the Champions” right before we are about to separate the winners from the losers.

TONY RUIZ: Of course they found a way for Oprah to feature in the Oscars.

JOHN BENUTTY: Worst opening to an Oscars ever. I’m so glad we are celebrating musicians on film’s biggest night.

DANIEL MONTGOMERY: Weird how most of those movies in the opening montage didn’t actually get any Oscar nominations. Justice for “Won’t You Be My Neighbor,” “Eighth Grade,” “Love, Simon” and “The Hate U Give”!

LUCA GILIBERTI: I love it when they honor the movies of the year in a video, but it could have included a few more movies. But yay “Love, Simon.”

CHRIS BEACHUM: These 3 ladies are amazing! What a great choice (although it should have been Sam Rockwell really).

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AMANDA SPEARS: No host. But those three ladies did a great mini-opening monologue!

CHRIS BEACHUM: Happy, Happy, Happy for Regina King and her whole team!

MATT NOBLE: Fey, Poehler and Rudolph did a better job than what I can imagine Hart could have put together.

MARCUS JAMES DIXON: Former “Game of Thrones” co-stars Jason Momoa and Emilia Clarke are both presenters tonight, but why the heck aren’t they paired up together?

JOHN BENUTTY: Regina Queen’s composure and eloquence is a standard of excellence. Love her!

LUCA GILIBERTI: Beautiful speech, Regina. The best thing is to see people’s dreams come true.

CHRIS BEACHUM: How dumb not to pair Jason Momoa with Emilia Clarke since they are both presenting? The internet would have gone nuts!

TONY RUIZ: How amazing that they are showing clips of the nominated documentaries!!!

MARCUS JAMES DIXON: First Regina and now “Free Solo.” I’m two-for-two! Can this luck continue all night please?

JEFFREY KARE: So far, the show is moving along at quite a good pace.

JOYCE ENG: All of the nominee clips have been superb, but I fear they’ll start cutting them later for time.

DAVID BUCHANAN: I’d trade a mediocre host for nominee clips every year, though I have to admit I was really hoping to see Whoopi Goldberg step out right after the Queen performance.

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MARCUS JAMES DIXON: Well deserved, “Vice,” on your Best Makeup & Hairstyling victory! But why oh why are there only three nominees in this category instead of five?

JEFFREY KARE: Why did they not pair up Stephan James with Kiki Layne?

TONY RUIZ: Am I the only one who wants to run out and buy John Mulaney’s tuxedo?

AMANDA SPEARS: My power went out and I missed Regina! Damn weather!

JEFFREY KARE: Those two look hilarious in those costumes!

CHRIS BEACHUM: As it turned out, the make-up people really should have presented during a commercial break. Get your act together and quit reading a bunch of names well past the time to get off stage.

JOHN BENUTTY: Melissa McCarthy and Brian Tyree Henry are so iconic omg!!! We never need a host again if it means the focus on category presentations is this level of legendary.

DANIEL MONTGOMERY: Melissa McCarthy and Brian Tyree Henry presenting Best Costume Design in costume is giving me life.

TONY RUIZ: You’re not helping when you’re making the case for presenting your award off camera.

SAM ECKMANN: Wow. Most painful acceptance speech ever. Y’all needed to rehearse!

JEFFREY KARE: Well, history was just made.


AMANDA SPEARS: Wakanda Forever! Double history! First African American winner and first superhero movie to win!

SAM ECKMANN: Get it Ruth Carter!! So well deserved. And looking stunning. #wakandaforever

DANIEL MONTGOMERY: “Black Panther” becomes the first MCU Oscar winner and makes Ruth E. Carter the first black costume designer ever to win. An absolutely thrilling result.

CHARLIE BRIGHT: I don’t know about all of you but I thought Melissa McCarthy and Brian Tyree Henry were fantastic presenters!

TONY RUIZ: It seems like they are placing some of the craft winners close to the stage to help cut down on time.

MATT NOBLE: Yes Daniel. “Spider-Man 2” and “Big Hero 6” are based on Marvel comics but not part of the Marvel Comic Universe (MCU).

ROBERT PIUS: I liked how Regina kept looking down at the Oscar as she spoke. It was like she couldn’t believe it was in her hands.

ROBERT PIUS: The standing ovation for “Black Panther” costume designer makes me wish I’d predicted it for Best Picture.

ROB LICURIA: I’m so happy for “Black Panther” in costume design AND production design!!!!!!

CHRIS BEACHUM: So a Marvel person (Chris Evans) presents an award to a Marvel movie. Don’t like that at all.

MARCUS JAMES DIXON: All these below-the-line wins for “Black Panther” and yet it wasn’t even nominated for Best Cinematography? Come on!

AMANDA SPEARS: You had to find that in your phone? You just made Oscar history!

JOHN BENUTTY: The “Black Panther” wins for Production Design and Costumes are well deserved, but are some of the few categories “The Favourite” was competitive in. Is “The Favourite” vulnerable in Original Screenplay? Will it go home empty-handed?!

DANIEL MONTGOMERY: Five categories have been given out, and black women have already won three times. #BlackGirlMagic

JEFFREY KARE: The first of (possibly) many awards tonight for Alfonso!

MARCUS JAMES DIXON: Alfonso Cuaron is going to win a lot tonight, so I hope he’s come up with several different speeches to keep the audience entertained.

MATT NOBLE: “The Favourite” is in danger of going home empty handed, despite leading nominations. Screenplay is now its best shot.

DANIEL MONTGOMERY: “Roma” seemed like a foregone conclusion for Best Cinematography, but it’s remarkable that it’s the first black-and-white winner of that category since “Schindler’s List.”

MARCUS JAMES DIXON: Nice try, Jennifer Hudson, but that wouldn’t be a four-chair turn.

JEFFREY KARE: That performance was so awesome!

CHRIS BEACHUM: Emilia was fine but what if RBG herself had introduced the song by satellite? The roof would have caved in from applause!

CHARLIE BRIGHT: Sorry Chris, but we need RBG not to make any long distance travel!

JOYCE ENG: Serena + Oscars = intersection of my interests.

JEFFREY KARE: Danai should not be presenting the sound categories!

JOHN BENUTTY: Wow I really hope “A Star Is Born” doesn’t win Sound Mixing because the mix in that BP clip was absolutely horrid.

JEFFREY KARE: Well, now it’s clearly got Sound Mixing in the bag.

MARCUS JAMES DIXON: The fact that there are still two Sound categories in 2019 confuses me to no end.

TONY RUIZ: Good for Paul Massey for winning his first Oscar on his ninth nomination.

JOYCE ENG: It’s cute that they think sound editing is about volume.

DANIEL MONTGOMERY: Sound Mixing and Sound Editing have gone to the same movie 7 times in the last 10 years. Combine. These. Categories. Already.

ROBERT PIUS: That was like an acting audition for James McAvoy. He really showed what he versatile actor he is in that little presentation skit.

JOHN BENUTTY: I wanted to drag those “Bohemian Rhapsody” sound wins, but Joyce already shaded them perfectly! Oscar voters clearly need to be better educated in some of the crafts!

JEFFREY KARE: Very clever of Javier Bardem to speak Spanish on national television.

MARCUS JAMES DIXON: “Roma” winning Best Foreign Language Film was one of the biggest locks of the year. Still, well deserved!

JEFFREY KARE: Keegan’s entrance…PRICELESS!

JOHN BENUTTY: Cuarón listing English language films as his foreign language films is a very subtle, but iconic moment. I love the deep, deep shade there.

DAVID BUCHANAN: Alfonso Cuarón’s second acceptance speech was his best, so far.

JEFFREY KARE: Wasn’t Bette Midler just “divine”?

SAM ECKMANN: There’s just no one like Bette. Brava!

CHRIS BEACHUM: Note to producers — for the general public at home, there should never be over an hour between acting awards. You only have four of them.

JEFFREY KARE: John Othman, you better not thank Bryan Singer.

AMANDA SPEARS: Michael Keaton perfectly explained the craft of editing.

MARCUS JAMES DIXON: Best Film Editing was not an easy category to predict, so congrats to everyone who picked “Bohemian Rhapsody.” Hey, that’s me!

TOM O’BRIEN: As troubled as this ceremony has been, bringing on Bette Midler was sheer inspiration. Just perfect.

ROB LICURIA: “Bohemian Rhapsody” is such a technical and creative marvel that it now has 3 (likely 4) Oscars? Nope.

JOYCE ENG: Love Keaton presenting editing when Birdman was one of 10 Best Picture winners not to have an editing nomination.

CHRIS BEACHUM: Very smart to place many of the crafts nominees down front right before their categories are announced (and then moving them back to their regular seats on the breaks). It saves a ton of walking and hugging time.

JEFFREY KARE: Congratulations on your second Oscar, Mahershala!

MARCUS JAMES DIXON: Will Mahershala Ali now go on to win the Emmy for “True Detective”? Not even Matthew McConaughey could do that!

JOHN BENUTTY: So “Bohemian Rhapsody” is looking at going 4 for 5. Does it actually pull a Best Picture upset and go 5 for 5? Did we accidentally actually get the Popular Film category we didn’t want?

AMANDA SPEARS: “True Detective” wins another Oscar.

ROBERT PIUS: Daniel Craig and Charlize Theron are bigger stars but they were bland and unmemorable presenters. They should have stuck with tradition and let Allison Janney do it.

CHRIS BEACHUM: 5 of the 8 Best Picture nominees have now won something. Star will win its award soon. Will both Favourite and BlacKkKlansman make it a clean sweep?

MARCUS JAMES DIXON: I loved the “Jurassic Park” music playing when Laura Dern took the stage!

DAVID BUCHANAN: If Laura Dern could make that ad for the Academy Museum compelling, she better get on that stage to claim an award of her own someday soon!

JEFFREY KARE: What a great night it’s been for Marvel.

TONY RUIZ: When did beanies become Oscar attire?

JOHN BENUTTY: “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse” should have been nominated for Best Picture! Once again the Gold Derby Film Awards do it better!

TONY RUIZ: Tim Blake Nelson should be on that stage!! What an amazing song!

SAM ECKMANN: Excelsior! Thankful Lord and miller got their Oscar due after the embarrassing LEGO Movie snub. Spider-Verse is easily one of the best pictures of the year.

DAVID BUCHANAN: The projection designs for the Best Song performances have been stunning!

DANIEL MONTGOMERY: I loved that “Spider-Man” won. Another win for a superhero movie, and another superhero win that makes history for diversity: Peter Ramsey is the first black winner ever for Best Animated Feature!

MATT NOBLE: As is often the case, the animated feature winner is better than most of the Best Picture nominees.

JOYCE ENG: A+ work cutting to Willem Dafoe, aka Green Goblin, applauding for Spider-Verse

JEFFREY KARE: Welcome to “Wayne’s World.”

JOHN BENUTTY: That teaser for “The Irishman” just a) stole the show and b) confirms that Netflix will own the Oscars from here on out. Open the next prediction center so I can predict it for eight wins at 100/1 odds!

ZACH LAWS: Wayne and Garth!

AMANDA SPEARS: Wayne and Garth getting a standing ovation from Queen is so great. Best intro of a Best Picture nominee so far!

SAM ECKMANN: The Irishman is gonna need actual footage with an actual trailer before they expect us to magically become excited.

MARCUS JAMES DIXON: Now it’s time for the shorts, the three categories no one at home cares about! We here at Gold Derby care about them … maybe a bit too much.

ZACH LAWS: Spike Lee is all of us during this awkward bit.

ROB LICURIA: Guys, seriously, I know it isn’t perfect, but so far, is this Oscar show actually…… good? It’s well paced, fun, great performances, clips shown…. I’m shocked it’s not a dumpster fire after this horrible lead-up!

AMANDA SPEARS: I am not loving Disney airing trailers during the Oscars. I feel like the academy shouldn’t allow this to happen.

SAM ECKMANN: The auto-tune computers in that American Idol commercial sure sing some great Queen.

JEFFREY KARE: Paul Rudd should not be presenting this award!

MARCUS JAMES DIXON: Best Visual Effects was one of the hardest categories to predict this year, with no Best Picture nominee among the contenders. It looks like the superhero takeover of the 2019 Oscars didn’t help “Avengers” much.

JEFFREY KARE: Yes! A win for “First Man”!

DAVID BUCHANAN: Confession… I was hopelessly rooting for a “Christopher Robin” upset.

CHRIS BEACHUM: Studios could not air movie commercials for many decades. They just started allowing it very recently.

JEFFREY KARE: This performance literally needs no introduction.

JOYCE ENG: Just diving into “Shallow,” I see.

CHRIS BEACHUM: This version is 100 times better than hers on the Grammys!

ROB LICURIA: That performance of “Shallow” was one of best at the Oscars, ever. Lady Gaga is the real deal.

AMANDA SPEARS: With the highest of expectations Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper surpasses them. Cooper is a good sport since he knows his chances of winning are slim.

LUCA GILIBERTI: Lady Gaga is just divine. She’s such a powerhouse!

ROBERT PIUS: Gee that was pretty electric. Kudos for Bradley for singing live and so well under such a huge spotlight. Makes me a little sad though that they have had such a rough awards season. If only A Star is Born had been released last years.

MARCUS JAMES DIXON: Oscar history was just made! I got all three shorts correct! Hey, where’s my trophy?

JEFFREY KARE: Well, I ended up getting two out of the three short categories correct.

ZACH LAWS: The Knicks won so that’s a good sign for Spike, right?

ROB LICURIA: Oh my god, “Green Book”…. “The Favourite” is going home empty handed!!!!

TONY RUIZ: Let’s take this in. Peter Farrelly is an Oscar winner.

JEFFREY KARE: Well, “The Favourite” is probably going home empty handed now. Unless Olivia Colman pulls an upset in Best Actress.

LUCA GILIBERTI: The Favourite should have won Screenplay. This is just frustrating.

CHRIS BEACHUM: Samuel L. Jackson should never, ever, ever be presenting a category with Spike Lee in it. It’s not a good look if he wins and a really bad look if he loses.

AMANDA SPEARS: I wonder how Bobby Farrelly feels about his brothers success. Or as he’s now known the other Farrelly brother.

JEFFREY KARE: Congratulations Spike Lee on your first competitive Oscar!

AMANDA SPEARS: I don’t know why I’m so happy to see Spike Lee in the Love Hate rings from “Do the Right Thing” and the Academy finally did!

TONY RUIZ: I’ve waited 30 years for Spike to win. I didn’t want to see him read something.

ZACH LAWS: Standing ovation for Spike Lee. I’ve got tears in my eyes right now.

ROBERT PIUS: I just wish Samuel L. Jackson had enunciated Spike’s name better. For a second there I didn’t think he won.

JOYCE ENG: You know Spike cares more about that Knicks win than his Oscar win

JEFFREY KARE: Michael B. Jordan should not be presenting Best Score. Chadwick Boseman should not be presenting Best Original Song either.

MARCUS JAMES DIXON: Her new name is Oscar Winner Lady Gaga.

MATT NOBLE: So, unless there is a late breaking upset, “The Favourite” is going to be only only BP nominee to go home empty handed. And it had the most nominations!

ROB LICURIA: Another “moment” that got me tearing up with Gaga’s raw emotion. This show is firing on all cylinders.

AMANDA SPEARS: Smart way to save time have the Presidents speech be nothing more than introducing the in Memoriam segment.

JOYCE ENG: John Bailey doing the In Memoriam is perfect since all of their lame ideas are dead.

JEFFREY KARE: What a nice In Memoriam segment.

AMANDA SPEARS: I’ve never actively rooted for a show to fail. But with all the “Whiskey Cavalier” promos I’m gonna make an exception.

ZACH LAWS: Loving this Spike Lee-Barbra Streisand admiration.

JEFFREY KARE: Funny that Rami Malek’s clip isn’t even including his own singing.

MARCUS JAMES DIXON: First Emmy nom for Rami = win. First Oscar nom for Rami = win. I’m noticing a pattern here.

TONY RUIZ: How fitting that Allison Janney gave Rami both his Emmy and his Oscar.

AMANDA SPEARS: USA it’s time to release the last season of “Mr. Robot” — like tomorrow!

MARCUS JAMES DIXON: Olivia Colman mentioning Glenn Close in her acceptance speech almost makes up for her stealing Glenn’s trophy. Almost.

JEFFREY KARE: Whoa! At least “The Favourite” is now not going home empty handed.

ROB LICURIA: I’m speechless.

AMANDA SPEARS: Well poor Glen Close got Kidman’ed! I.E Kidman won the Globe and BAFTA for “The Hours” even though Zelleweger won the Globe and SAG for “Chicago.” Guess “The Favourite” wasn’t going home empty-handed.

SAM ECKMANN: Can I buy Glenn Close a drink? I just feel bad. What on earth must she do to win?

JEFFREY KARE: Glenn now better hopes the “Sunset Boulevard” movie gets greenlit.

JOYCE ENG: Well, at least that’s good news for Amy Adams.

DANIEL MONTGOMERY: Film pitch: Revenge thriller where Glenn Close and Amy Adams hunt Nazis and prevent the Holocaust. Both win Oscars!

MATT NOBLE: How bittersweet. Heartbroken for Close but what a wonderful moment for Coleman. Close has to be the best actor to not have won an Oscar yet.

LUCA GILIBERTI: I’ve never been so happy and disappointed with a win at the same time. Olivia was exceptional in “The Favourite,” and she absolutely deserved this, but my heart broke for Close. I am honestly shocked at the moment.

JOYCE ENG: Netflix needs to make sure “The Crown” is Emmy eligible this year.

DANIEL MONTGOMERY: Wouldn’t it be cool if Netflix wins Best Picture, and then Olivia Colman helps Netflix win Best Drama Series for “The Crown”?

JEFFREY KARE: And the runner-up is… “Roma.”

ROB LICURIA: Oh no, Film Twitter and the Blogosphere are going to go nuts!

AMANDA SPEARS: I cannot stand that movie. I just threw up a little.

LUCA GILIBERTI: Good God, this is a nightmare.

CHARLES BRIGHT: The producer who just said that this is like a dream is absolutely right. IT’S A NIGHTMARE!

AMANDA SPEARS: Paul Hagis and the makes of “Crash” are super excited about this win!

DANIEL MONTGOMERY: Second time Mahershala Ali won for a film whose only other wins were Picture and Screenplay. Second time Spike Lee lost out to a blander movie road trip racism.

JOYCE ENG: So that happened.

TONY RUIZ: Let’s take this in. The guy that got in trouble for supporting Trump ideas has not one, but TWO Oscars.

CHARLES BRIGHT: I think it bears mentioning that a person who wrote a film about racial harmony but also has trafficked in racist conspiracy theories now has TWO OSCARS. This is a win that already hasn’t aged well.

MARCUS JAMES DIXON: Thank you everyone for your great comments! I hope your predictions were much better than mine.

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