Piff the Magic Dragon returns to ‘America’s Got Talent: The Champions’ and nearly loses Heidi Klum’s ring [WATCH]

Comedic magician Piff the Magic Dragon, a finalist from “America’s Got Talent” Season 10, returned to the stage on January 14 for the second episode of spinoff series “AGT: Champions.” After telling judges Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum, Mel B and Howie Mandel about his amazing journey, from almost giving up to having a permanent show in Las Vegas, he performed his latest magic act with his dog Mr. Piffles (watch above). Was Piff’s act strong enough to make it into the Finals of “America’s Got Talent: The Champions”?

Piff invited Heidi to join him up on stage, then asked her to remove one of her rings. He placed the ring on a spoon and covered it in wet dog food, saying that Mr. Piffles would give the ring a cleaning with his tongue. Unfortunately, the dog swallowed the food containing the ring whole. “Okay, uh, Heidi, he’s doing more of a deep clean,” Piff quickly responded.

After feeding his dog a high-strength laxative, Piff joked, “Any minute now, he’s gonna go off like the Bellagio fountains.” Piff held a black bag under his dog’s butt and asked Heidi to “give him a squeeze.” When she squeezed Mr. Piffles, the bag filled up with … we don’t want to know. Heidi was instructed to reach into the bag, where she retrieved a white egg. When the egg was cracked, Heidi’s missing ring was found hiding inside the yellow yolk.

When it was time for the judges’ critiques, Howie told Piff that he was “truly brilliant” and Heidi praised him for not becoming “all Hollywood on us.” Simon finished things off by thanking Piff for being “one of the best ambassadors” for the long-running reality TV show.

Because this is “AGT: Champions,” the voting method is vastly different from the normal “America’s Got Talent” version. Instead of the at-home viewers getting to vote for their favorites, there is a select group of Superfans — one from all 50 states — who wield all the power. The Superfans voted Spanish singer Cristina Ramos into the Finals, so Piff was sent back home to Las Vegas. Another act, knife throwers Deadly Games, advanced thanks to Heidi’s Golden Buzzer.

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