The re-modeled ‘Project Runway’ 17 on Bravo had a bumpy take-off, so say loyal fans: “A sad day for lovers” of the show

Most loyal watchers of “Project Runway” were curious about how the new version that is airing on Bravo again would turn out when it bowed on Thursday, March 14, 2019. But based on the comments on the Gold Derby site, more than a few of you felt it was just, well, sew-sew at best.

Many missed the original mentor and host, Tim Gunn and Heidi Klum. Others questioned the taste of the new judges — former editor of Teen Vogue Elaine Welteroth  and designer Brandon Maxwell — along with the lone survivor of past incarnations, Elle editor-in-chief Nina Garcia. And more than a few had harsh words for new host Karlie Kloss (who dared to co-op Heidi’s famous catchphrase, “In fashion, one day you’re in and the next day you’re out”)  as well as for Season 4 winner Christian Siriano‘s low-key attempts at mentoring.

BENNETT:  “Political correctness appears to be the main criteria featured on this new disappointing season. From the selection of models to the absurd non-elimination of Frankie who produced the worst excuse of an outfit ever “created” with help from a bevy of enablers for her juvenile hysterics and incompetence, the show forced a viewpoint. Disappointing.”

Margaret: “Eagerly awaited this new season and sadly disappointed. Can’t gel with the host, the sewing building, waiting rooms or the runway area. Whatever they have done to Project Runway has not been an improvement. Karlie Kloss has the voice of a bossy child trying to sound classy. Bring back the real runway stars this is just awful. A sad day for lovers of Project Runway.”

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Sanles: “A host with voice fry, how I dislike the sound, a whole season of listening to her is gonna grate on my nerves.”

Michelle Kelley: “Project Runway is one of my all time favorite shows, I am watching the All Stars show now. Frankie would have been eliminated on the old Project Runway. Karlie Kloss comes across as flat, no affect. Even Siriano isn’t interesting. Can’t wait for the Tim Gunn/Heidi Klum show on Amazon.”

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Cindy Goshert: “So disappointed in the new “Project Runway”. The designers showed poor execution, no design skills, terrible taste…the list goes on and on. How can such a successful program have been destroyed so quickly. What happened to the concept of creating great fashions?”

Here’s hoping that this new “Project Runway” finds it footing soon and, as you-know-who would say, that Bravo can make it work.

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