‘Project Runway’ 17 preview clips: Designer Tessa Clark is in deep denial over her black obsession

For Tessa Clark, there is no new black. Only the original will do. That is why she goes back again and again to the pitch-dark hue for her designs for “Project Runway.” However, in the clip below from Thursday’s upcoming episode, “New York City of Dreams,” Clark, a Ohio native with her own line of womenswear whose only win was on the very first episode, is in a bit of denial over her over-reliance on the color.

Leave it to Hester Sunshine, who is at the top with three wins so far this season, to call out the only other female contestant left on the show. This week’s challenge is to design a dream dress for women who are civic workers in the Big Apple — cop, EMT worker, postal worker, firefighter, etc. Tessa says to her fellow designers about how bright the runway show will be this week. She claims, “I haven’t used black for the entire time I’ve been here.” But Hester chimes in, “Yeah, you have.” When evidence both visually and verbally is presented, Tessa insists, “No, you guys are wrong.”

Hester offers some insight on why her gender rival is a bit defensive: “Tessa thinks very highly of what she can do. She is a deeply competitive person. The fact she hasn’t been recognized in the way she should be is like a real blow to her.” All Tessa has to say is, “I’m ready to get back to the workroom.”

In the second clip above, Sebastian Grey says he wants to make his client happy. “She is a girly-girl. She wants something to wear to an engagement party.” Tessa goes over to him looking forlorn and asks, “How are you so fast?” He responds: “I know what I am doing.” After she derides his pretty-in-pink frock as not being fashion, she then reveals she is giving her client “pants, a top and a skirt.” Observes Garo Sparo, “Tessa always wants to do what Tessa wants to do, and that is that.” He is puzzled by the fact she isn’t worried that she is making pants for a dress challenge.”Tessa, what are you thinking? This is a DREAM DRESS CHALLENGE!”

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It seems like some drama is bound to break out on episode 11, as the field is down to just six designers. Tune in at 8 p.m. ET/PT Thursday on Bravo.

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