‘Project Runway’ judges are back in style: They got it right this time by eliminating Frankie instead of Kovid, fans say

Project Runwaylaunched its 17th season with a controversial call when the judges eliminated Cavanagh Baker‘s competent look instead of Frankie Lewis‘s misshapen mess. Most of our readers thought the judges were hopelessly out of fashion when they made that decision. But Lewis faltered again in episode two, “The Future is Here,” and the judges weren’t about to give her a third chance after two fails in a row. And this time our readers overwhelmingly supported that choice. Scroll down for our complete poll results at the bottom of this post.

The Future is Here” was a team challenge that required the designers to create looks to showcase sci-fi body modifications. Lewis’s team had models augmented with chest feathers, but Lewis half covered her model’s feathers with a weird backwards jacket, and underneath was a basic black dress that made the judges even madder after they had just eliminated Baker in the season premiere for something similar.

It came down to a choice between Lewis and her teammate Kovid Kapoor for elimination (their third team member, Renee Hill, was forgiven since she got such a high score in the season premiere). Unsurprisingly, the judges decided to eliminate repeat offender Lewis, and an overwhelming 90% of our poll respondents agreed. Only 4% thought Kapoor should have gone home instead, while 1% thought Hill should have been ousted and 5% would have gotten rid of a contestant who wasn’t in the bottom three.

I’ll admit, I didn’t think Lewis’s look was that bad this week, and it was probably a little more polished than Kapoor’s, but after the judges went out on a limb for her in the first challenge literally all she had to do was not land on the bottom again out of 15 designers. As soon as her team was announced as the worst of the challenge, her fate was pretty much sealed. Now it’s just a question of whether Kapoor and Hill can rebound from this in the next challenge.

project runway poll results

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