Forget no Tim Gunn. What happened to ‘Project Runway’s’ Mood mascot Swatch?

We are two episodes into the 17th season of the newly remodeled “Project Runway” as it returns to its original TV home Bravo. As usual, each show began with a trip to that venerable Manhattan fabric store, Mood. There was the usual fretting over what material to use for their outfits and whether they spent too much of their allowed amount with this new batch of designers.

However, something was missing. Yes, Season 4 winner Christian Siriano has taken over mentor Tim Gunn‘s place as the Pied Piper who leads them into the fab emporium of cloth. But then it struck me. We haven’t yet seen Swatch, the black-and white Boston Terrier who would often greet the contestants or simply snooze in the corner while they panicked.

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Then I started panicking. Did something happen to Swatch? Was his contract not renewed? Did he go on strike when Tim and Heidi Klum decided to start their own Amazon fashion-related show? And, heaven forbid, did he go to that great remnant warehouse in the sky?

I quickly went to Mood’s twitter feed, and lo and behold there was Swatch in his St. Paddy’s Day finery.

Thank goodness, he seems just fine. I’m not the only “Project Runway” fan worried by the lack of pooch sightings.

I did a little more digging on this fashion hound and found out a few facts that might get your tail wagging. Swatch will turn 12 in June. He likes to float in the pool and sleep under the covers. Filet mignon is his favorite food. He favorite spot to nap in Mood is on the floor in Aisle 3, next to the silk shantung. And he would love nothing more to have his own “Project Runway” spinoff show all about him. Come on, Bravo. That is the very least you can do given his lack of airtime so far this season.

Update:  I have been kindly informed that Swatch’s butt made a cameo in the second episode. Come on, you can do better than that, “Project Runway.”

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