Did ‘America’s Got Talent’ judges make a boo-boo by X’ing tour bus singer Ra’ed? [WATCH]

“We were rooting for you!” screamed “America’s Got Talent” judge Gabrielle Union after Hollywood tour bus singer Ra’ed received four red X’s during Tuesday’s final audition episode. The eccentric Lebanese performer, dressed elegantly in gold from head to toe, sang an original song titled “Celebration” about finally getting a platform to show his talent. All four judges anxiously awaited his performance, but were vastly disappointed by his low-pitched, scary voice and awkward whistling.

Despite receiving four “no” votes from the panelists, the studio audience still gave Ra’ed a wild standing ovation. Did the judges make a huge boo-boo here? Watch the “AGT” performance video above and read the judges’ comments below.

Howie Mandel: “You know how you hear a song and then you get it stuck in your head and you’re singing it all day? Not this one.”

Julianne Hough: “I actually disagree. Can I just say that’s actually gonna be stuck in my head? I don’t know how you did that whistling thing. That was like the most high-pitched literally dog call that I’ve ever heard. I think you’re amazing.”

Simon Cowell: “Okay, well, look, if it wasn’t for the singing I would like you. Ra’ed, this doesn’t happen when someone can’t sing a note in tune and they get a standing ovation. I have absolutely nothing to say, other than they’re gonna remember you.”

In his “AGT” live blog, our recapper John Benutty had this to say about the performance: “Singer Ra’ed came to the stage next in an extravagant gold cape and matching gold hat, shirt and platform boots. Tonight he sang an original song, ‘Celebration,’ that described his experience having the chance to perform on the show. Unfortunately his theatrical vocal style wasn’t good enough for Howie and Simon who both hit their buzzers quickly, followed by Gabrielle and Julianne who couldn’t handle it once he broke into whistling. With four X buzzers, it was a no to the next round, despite the chants of support from the audience.”

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