Renew ‘One Day at a Time’: Lin-Manuel Miranda, Gloria Estefan and more urge Netflix to bring back acclaimed sitcom

One Day at a Time” creator Gloria Calderon Kellett reccently scared fans of her Netflix sitcom when she tweeted that the show might be at risk of cancellation. “[Netflix] made clear that they love the show, love how it serves underrepresented audiences, love its heart and humor, but … we need more viewers,” she said. “They’ll decide soon. I wish I felt more confident.” Thus began an online campaign to #RenewODAAT, and allow me to get on that bandwagon.

“One Day” is one of the most critically acclaimed family sitcoms currently on TV or online. It earned a Television Critics Association Award nomination for Best Comedy Series in 2018, and just earned a Critics’ Choice nomination for Best Comedy in 2019. And like Calderon Kellett noted, it serves woefully underrepresented audiences. Not only does it tell the story of a Cuban-American family at a time of increased antagonism against Latin communities, it also explores characters who deal with sexuality, substance abuse, anxiety and depression, all somehow balanced with warm, sharply written comedy. As Liz Shannon Miller (IndieWire) writes, it has “a sophistication of storytelling on a level that many traditional sitcoms can only aspire to.” The influence of executive producer Norman Lear (“All in the Family”) is clear.

When Netflix’s “Sense8” was at risk of cancellation — and before they finally decided to pony up the money for a farewell movie to wrap up the show’s storylines — I noted how having a properly completed series is better for the streaming service in the long run since it has a better chance of drawing eyeballs in the future. The same is true of “One Day,” which seems like an even better investment to me. It’s a multi-camera series with a relatively small cast and limited sets, so it’s not nearly as expensive a production as the globe-trotting “Sense8,” and probably most other Netflix originals too.

Many on Twitter have joined the crusade for more “One Day.” That includes celebs including Lin-Manuel Miranda (“Hamilton”), Stephanie Breatriz (“Brooklyn Nine-Nine”), Busy Philipps (“Busy Tonight”), Rico Rogriguez (“Modern Family”) and theme song performer Gloria Estefan. Check out their appeals below. Do you agree that Netflix should #RenewODAAT?

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