Rhett and Link (‘Good Mythical Morning’): Our friendship ‘could end at any moment!’ [EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEW]

“It’s developed from two guys talking in Rhett’s converted garage to us having a studio in Burbank with over 70 employees,” explains Link Neal from the web duo Rhett and Link. Watch our exclusive video interview where Rhett McLaughlin adds, “It started very small, it was just the two of us having those 10-15 minute conversations. Slowly over years it began to eclipse everything else, until it became the most popular daily show on the internet. So now we do a lot more than just talk about stuff.”

Rhett and Link’s YouTube series “Good Mythical Morning” will be eligible for this year’s Emmy awards in the Short Form Variety Series category. The series gets more than a million views daily and has had guests ranging from Jack Black to Daniel Radcliffe. Link reveals, “It’s pretty humbling to be able to work with your best friend since first grade. We’re still friends but it could end at any moment. An Emmy would help keep our friendship in tact.”

The pair has also taken “Good Mythical Morning” on tour across the states and internationally. Rhett reflects that “our background before we got into YouTube videos was live comedy. So putting together a show was actually returning to our roots.” Link adds, “On tour it’s not the web show. It’s music and stand-up comedy and us riffing. It was really cool to be able to meet fans in person and get their response in a room. To hear them laughing as opposed to just typing LOL. But we wouldn’t have the ability to tour at all if we didn’t have that daily relationship with our fans through the comments.”

The feedback from fans has had a large impact in shaping the web series. Link explains “‘Will It?’ is a great example of that. We put weird things in tacos to see ‘Will It Taco?’ Now, many years and millions of views later, every month we still do a ‘Will it?’ episode within the context of the show. That’s from the audience feedback.”

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Despite its success, the ‘Will It?’ segment has had some significant downside for Rhett. He decries, “I’ve made it very clear that I have a high level of disdain for Link’s chewing. Incidentally, one of the most popular things we do is eat weird foods. A lot of chewing takes place. At this point it’s become this incessant drip from a leaky faucet that you can’t ever fix.”

Link also has a gripe about his co-host. He confesses, “The thing most annoying about Rhett is that he goes on and on about my chewing.” For the sake of their friendship, they may just need that Emmy!

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