Rick Devens (‘Survivor’ 38) exit interview: Extinction Island is ‘gonna be wild’ because ‘these people hate me’

“I’d already been picturing myself eating a burger as I left tribal, but holy crap — I’m still in this!” declared Georgia newscaster Rick Devens during his exit interview from “Survivor: Edge of Extinction.” In Wednesday’s fourth episode, Rick was eliminated from his brand new Lesu tribe by a 3-2 vote over Lauren O’Connell, with Dan “Wardog” DaSilva being the swing vote who sided with Lauren and Kelley Wentworth over the bromance of Rick and David Wright. Did the Lesu tribe make the right decision? Vote in our poll below.

“I guess I’m gonna do my best to ingratiate myself to these people who hate me,” Rick added about Extinction Island inhabitants Reem Daly, Keith Sowell and Chris Underwood. “There could be a lot of anger. This is gonna be wild.”

What Rick is referring to is the fact that he and his buddy David were responsible for voting out all three castaways. However, their dominance ended this week thanks to the tribe swap when Wardog decided to join with Kelley and Lauren to create a new majority. The person who likely would have gone home, Wendy Diaz, was spared when she was mixed into a tribe full of ex-Kama members and they won immunity.

Rick’s final tribal council was a lovefest of epic proportions, with everyone tearing up at the thought of breaking up their harmonious group of five. Returnee David even called it “the most incredible tribal I’ve ever been to — and I’ve been to a lot of them.” Three-timer Kelley agreed, noting, “It does feel special in a very sad way.”

“I don’t want to go home right now,” Rick had told Jeff Probst when he was fighting for his life in the game. “I’m here to play [and] prove something.” Luckily for Rick, this season’s Edge of Extinction twist means that he still has a shot of returning to the game at a future date.

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