Rick Devens (‘Survivor’ 38) red carpet interview: I’m ‘swinging from the chandelier’ after winning Sia’s prize money [WATCH]

Even though fan-favorite castaway Rick Devens didn’t end up winning the $1 million check during the “Survivor: Edge of Extinction” season finale (he came in fourth place), the Georgia newscaster still walked away with $100,000 thanks to superfan Sia‘s personal donation. On the red carpet following the three-hour finale event, we ask Rick what he was going to do with Sia’s prize money and he reveals, “Savings accounts for the kids. Thank you Sia! We’ll be swinging from the chandelier for sure.” Watch our full exit interview with Rick above.

Rick also fills us in on the first thing he did after returning home from Fiji. “I got chicken and waffles at a local diner and told my wife everything that happened,” he confesses. “And then I went home and hung out with the kids — reintroduced them to their father.”

If you’re wondering about how bad it smells on the island, Rick admits that “you just get used to it.” He then explains why all of the castaways appeared to have have such perfect teeth, saying, “A lot of scraping with the bamboo. We had a system and a lot of these folks would make the bamboo for all of us, so they took good care of us.”

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While Rick doesn’t have one specific moment that he calls his proudest, he smiles ear to ear when remembering “when I was winning those immunities and when I was finding those idols to stay in the game.” He adds, “It was literally just hard work paying off. I felt really proud knowing I’d be able to show that to my kids.”

Also in our fun red carpet interview, Rick chats about how he “surprised” himself with his physical performance, whether he’d ever want to play “Survivor” a second time, and if he’d do anything differently in the future.

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