Sandra Oh reveals if she’ll ever host the Golden Globes again

Sandra Oh co-hosted her very first awards show last month when she teamed up with Andy Samberg to emcee the Golden Globe Awards. And it was also her last.

Asked Saturday during the “Killing Eve” panel at the Television Critics Association press tour if she’d ever host again, Oh, without missing a beat, emphatically declared, “No!”

As she mentioned at the end of the opening monologue — in which she talked about the moment of her, an actress of Asian descent, hosting a global award show being real — Oh reiterated Saturday that she was “petrified” to host, but she knew the impact it could make if she did it.

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“When they asked for the co-hosting … it was bananas. Like I was like, ‘What? Why would that happen?’ No, really, it was. Like I texted my agent like, ‘Are you eff-ing joking? Like what is that?’ But I knew what it could mean,” she said. “And in some ways I knew what it could mean in that section of the monologue. I knew what the platform could mean. And all I wanted to do was hit it out of the f—ing park.”

Oh, who also wanted to set an example for her nieces to do something that scares them, said she felt utter relief when it was all over. “I was ecstatic in a way of like all the stuff that I could not feel leading up to it, I felt so vividly,” she recalled. “Afterwards at the party, I didn’t need one drop of alcohol. I didn’t even want it … because I was so high. I was so high.”

“On heroin,” “Killing Eve” executive producer and showrunner Emerald Fennel deadpanned.

“On the actual joy and release of it,” Oh finished.

Oh had even more to celebrate that night since she also won Best Drama Actress for “Killing Eve.” At the end of her speech, she told her parents “I love you” in Korean. “I don’t think I can explain to you how profound I feel it meant to not only myself and my parents, but I can feel for like a lot of people in my community,” Oh said. “And not only the Asian-American community, but I would say the immigrant community as a whole of being able to speak your parents’ language. … And to tell them you love them. Not even so much as I thank them, but it’s like that you love them in a very, very public way.”

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With that win, Oh, who took home her first Globe for “Grey’s Anatomy” in 2006, became the first Asian actress to receive two Globes. Last summer, she became the first Best Drama Actress Emmy nominee of Asian descent. The significance of that nomination, along with her victories at the Globes, Critics’ Choice and Screen Actors Guild Awards, “are not lost on me at all,” she said.

“[Awards are] not on the forefront of my mind, but I feel like if you’re different in any kind of way, you always know that,” she added. “Because I know that it would mean not only of course for myself, but more for a lot of other people. So I just try my best to show up as fully as I could in each of those opportunities.”

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