Sethward returns on ‘America’s Got Talent’ as the world’s ‘shortest-neck giraffe’ and the judges are NOT having it [WATCH]

“I’m back with a new talent that I want to share with people,” announced Sethward, who last season on “America’s Got Talent” auditioned as a caterpillar but now tried out as a giraffe. During Tuesday night’s episode, Simon Cowell was not so happy to Sethward again, having previously called his act one of “the worst” he’d ever seen. Just moments into his latest routine, Sethward was X’ed by all four judges: Simon, Howie Mandel, Gabrielle Union and Julianne Hough. But wait — there was a twist. Watch the “AGT” performance video above.

After initially denying any knowledge of last year’s failed caterpillar act, Sethward declared, “A lot of people know that giraffes give birth standing up. But not many people know that sometimes when a giraffe falls 11 feet from the mother’s uterus that he lands on his head. That’s me — the shortest-neck giraffe.”

Simon rolled his eyes and asked the costumed man if this was going anywhere, then he slammed his down on his red X without waiting for a response. Sethward tried to continue his act, but then the audience started booing loudly. “They say that dreams begin at ‘AGT,’ so I need you guys to help me wish for a long neck,” he shouted over the boos.

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Gabrielle, Julianne and Howie all X’ed him before his giraffe neck could extend properly, so host Terry Crews came out and dragged Sethward off of the stage. At one point his costume ripped in half and the audience was able to see Sethward’s private parts, which may or may not have been part of the act — what do you think?

Moments later, Sethward returned for an unprecedented third time as a walrus and jumped around the stage on beach balls. Sethward fell off the stage at one point and had to be rescued by Simon. Amazingly, both Howie and Simon voted “yes” to send Sethward through to the next round, but Gabrielle and Julianne remained firm on their “no” votes so he was eliminated for a third time.

In his “AGT” live blog, our recapper John Benutty had this to say about the performance: “In a ‘second chance’ audition, Sethward the Catepillar from last season returned this year as Sethward the Giraffe. After going into a story about how he was dropped on his head in birth, the judges all Xd him off the stage like clockwork. Then when he passed out and was dragged off stage by Terry, he managed to moon the entire audience. Probably his best trick in both seasons. Later he came back out as Sethward the Walrus, but that flopped, too. And by flop I mean he literally rolled off the stage. Womp womp. But after the walrus act, Howie and Simon both switched their X to a YES, leaving it to the newbies to turn things around–Gabrielle kept the X and amidst cheers from the audience to say YES, Julianne kept her X, sending him permanently back to wherever he came from.”

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