‘So You Think You Can Dance’: Which finale routine featuring b-boy winner Bailey Munoz is your favorite? [POLL]

Season 16 of Fox’s”So You Think You Can Dance” has come to a close with 19-year-old b-boy Bailey “Bailrok” Munoz taking the title of America’s favorite dancer. The key to success for the first-ever break-dancer to win the top spot was his versatility when it came to different types of choreography. The 5-foot-tall ball of energy was rarely daunted by routines outside of his comfort zone — save for maybe the cha cha. But this gifted entertainer always gave it his all.

In fact, Bailey was featured in nine routines of various permutations, including five duos – three with partner Mariah Russell, one with All-Star Koine Iwasaki  and another with Gino Cosculluella. He was also took part in a male trio with Gino and ballroom dancer Ezra Sosa. And he participated in three group numbers with the rest of the Top 10 contestants. Gino came close to tying Bailey’s routine-a-thon but his run stopped at eight.

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So do you think you have a favorite among Bailey’s duos and trio? Check out these videos and then answer the poll down below.

This number that employed an all-terrain vehicle while steaming up the stage. Judge Laurieann Gibson chose this hip-hop routine by Luther Brown to the tune of “Tempo” by Lizzo featuring Missy Elliott as one her favorites. It was fun, it was funky and it was fiercely sexy thanks to that twerking split by Mariah.


This number choreographed by Mandy Korpinen and Elizabeth Petrin employed a rooftop prop and was set to the song “Slide” by James Bay. It was Mariah’s choice and the number that she most connected with –including that it was in her signature contemporary style. But the b-boy matched her move for move with no fear of falling on his face.

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Judge Mary Murphy chose this flirty Broadway number by choreographed by Aloe Blackstone that features Bailey alongside All-Star Koine Iwasaki.  The music is Dean Martin’s version of “Mambo Italiano” with Bailey as a waiter and Koine as a hot-to-trot restaurant patron. Forget the fab footwork and just watch the b-boy bite that breadstick with relish. Mary’s crying while the audience chants “Bailey! Bailey!” The guy is a born crowd-pleaser.

The three top guys — one ballroom guy (Ezra Sosa), one contemporary specialist  (Gino) and one break-dancer (Bailey) — take on a more solemn contemporary routine done to the song “Amen” by Amber Run and and choreographed by Talia Favia. Their movements mesh and those stained glass spires work their holy magic. Laurieann’s pick perfectly shows off Bailey’s versatility.

Bailey’s pick for his favorite routine of the season? His best opportunity to show off his b-boy studliness what with the black leather outfits employed in this Ray Leeper jazz routine with Mariah to the sizzling “Need You Tonight” by INXS.  We know Bailey is cute as a spinning button but this number brought out his sexy side — which is why he picked it.

I adore the pairing of Bailey and Gino even more than when he is with Mariah. Leave it to a hoofer like show creator and judge Nigel Lythgoe to pick this jazz number by Aloe Blackstone . There is something about two men dancing together like Gene Kelly and Donald O’Connor that is special since it is rarity on this show. Set to the tune “The Girl From Ipanema” and sung by Nat King Cole and Gregory Porter, both guys are hoping to catch her eye but as the song says, “she just doesn’t see.”

Now that you have refreshed your memory of Bailey’s numerous finale routines, pick your favorite one.

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