Stephen Root (‘Barry’): ‘It’s fantastic! I never get nominated for anything ever’ [EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEW]

If you look at the show on paper, that shouldn’t work,” admits Stephen Root about “Barry.” He continues, “A hit man that wants to be an actor. That shouldn’t have been picked up. Fortunately (creators) Bill Hader and Alec Berg found the right tone for the show. It is just enough comedy but when you do the violence, you do the violence for reals.” Watch our exclusive video interview with Root above.

The second season of “Barry” recently scored an impressive 17 Emmy nominations. This is up from last year’s 13, of which Hader and Henry Winkler won the two male acting races. For 2019, the dark HBO comedy has earned Root his first ever Emmy bid in a lengthy TV career. He states that “the best part was hearing from Bill that all the major cast had been nominated together.” He then jokes, “I never get nominated for anything ever. It’s fantastic.”

In “Barry,” Root plays Monroe Fuches, an opportunistic operator who helped make Barry (Hader) a hit-man. The actor has chosen to submit the season final, “berkman > block,” for Emmy voters to consider. He explains that in the episode, “You find out the Fuches character is a really bad man. I got a really nice monologue written for me about why I’m going to the dark side. I thought that’s probably the episode I should put out there. It tells everything about the character.”

Another highlight for him this season was in the fifth episode “ronny/lily” – which was actually filmed last. In this installment, Fuches and Barry run into some trouble while trying to execute a hit. He confesses that “having your cheek bitten off by a 12-year-old was probably the strangest thing I did. And it was so contained. We were in the car all day. I was driving 60 miles an hour into a camera and having to stop on time, which was challenging for me.”

This season also gave the actor his first scene with Winkler. Root remembers, “We had only seen each other at table reads and different parts of the studio. It was so wonderful to work with him. It’s so crisp and clear in what he shows you. That was a joy. Henry and I did a lot of stuff stumbling round the woods. We actually shot a lot of stuff that didn’t make it into the show.”

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