Steven Price (‘Our Planet’ composer): Netflix climate change series is ‘the most important project’ of his career [EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEW]

Composer Steven Price describes Netflix‘s “Our Planet” as “the most important project I’ve ever been asked to do.” The eight-part documentary series takes audiences around the globe to view some of nature’s wonders, with David Attenborough‘s narration serving as our guide. But what sets this apart from other shows of its kind, Price reveals, is “a real approach of dealing with conservation.” Watch our exclusive video interview with Price above.

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An Oscar-winner for his work on “Gravity” (2013), Price keeps up with “all the news reports coming out” about climate change, though he hadn’t “taken it any further than that. We obviously all care, but it’s gotten to the point where we’ve all got to act.” The show is “very entertaining, but it’s also showing the damage that’s being done.” But despite the magnitude of the climate challenge, “there’s also a layer of optimism to that, in that there are things we can all do.”

In composing music for eight massively challenging episodes, the crucial goal was “to really follow the emotion of it. Each of the shows takes you to a different biome … and we show you how they interconnect. The ambition for me was, within each sequence, for it to feel like the sequence really got to the emotion of the scene, but within the show for it to feel like the music was belonging to that environment.”

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Overall, Price wanted the score to “feel like it was all a part of this ‘Our Planet’ concept. So I was keen to keep the music very thematic. There’s a lot of recurring melodies that appear throughout the show, but within that, each show had to feel very particular. So it was this huge jigsaw puzzle, really.”

In addition to the Oscar, “Gravity” brought Price victories at the BAFTAs and the Grammys. He has also worked on such films as “Attack the Block” (2011), “The World’s End” (2013), “Fury” (2014), “Suicide Squad” (2016) and “Baby Driver” (2017), as well as the TV shows “Believe” and “The Hunt.”

“Our Planet” premieres on Netflix on April 5.

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