4 stupidest moments from ‘Survivor: Edge of Extinction’ episode 2: Aubry being way too obvious, Manu tribe turning on Kelley …

After watching the second episode of “Survivor: Edge of Extinction,” Gold Derby editors Susan Wloszczyna and Marcus James Dixon have some strong opinions about what went down. Specifically, they call out four of the hour’s most eye-rolling, stupidest moments, including returnee Aubry Bracco‘s rehearsed speeches to try to bond with her Kama tribe members and the Manu players threatening to vote out Kelley Wentworth after only six days. Scroll down for all of their sassy comments.

SUSAN:  After two previous rounds of “Survivor,” veteran player Aubry was WAY too obvious when she tried to ingratiate herself with the newbies by using the same pick-up lines like, “I like the way you think — you remind me of myself” with her tribe mates. Of course, they are going to compare notes and talk behind your back, lady.

MARCUS: It’s only been two episodes, but the Manu tribe has already turned on Kelley. Yes, she’s a threat to ultimately win the game — we get that. But by voting out a physical competitor like Kelley so early, you all risk losing at the upcoming challenges. Ultimately they decided to vote out Keith Sowell instead, but if Manu loses again it could be Kelley whose torch gets snuffed.

SUSAN: Maybe Keith was right to step up during the immunity challenge after flailing around again in the water. But unless he is great at playing horseshoes, what would make him think he could toss those rings with any precision? It’s better to lay low than to cause a loss.

MARCUS: Last week I praised the show for its exciting cliffhanger in which Reem Daly arrived at the mysterious Extinction Island and asked, “Holy crap — what is it?” But tonight’s cliffhanger was simply obnoxious. After being voted out, Keith stood at the fork in the road seemingly unable to make a decision about whether he wanted to remain in the game or throw in the towel. Come on, Keith! What’s there to think about?

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