Was ‘Survivor’ 38’s Extinction Island twist more like Ex-stink-tion? Especially since it up-ended the season’s rightful winner? [POLL]

The clue was there all along. We “Survivor” fans should have known better.  When Extinction Island dweller Chris Underwood (see above) got what I like to call “The Little Mermaid” edit on Season 38’s penultimate episode as he was seen fetchingly perched on a rock while surrounded by water as he read the letter of encouragement he wrote to himself, the jig was up.

The district sales manager from South Carolina had all ready won, despite being the third castaway voted off and only participating in the game for 13 days. Meanwhile, the puckishly amusing TV anchor man from Georgia Rick Devens, the first Extinction returnee who seemed to find an immunity idol every 2 minutes and crushed many an individual immunity challenge, let his guard down and allowed Chris to take control of events.

That two of the players who were banished to that forbidden island to face the wrath of its first inhabitant, Reem Daly, while lying about on its sandy shores like lazy seals for days on end actually were the biggest threats this season, perhaps the new twist did give a boost to the format. Meanwhile, most of the newbies were more determined to rid themselves of the four returning players — Joe Anglim, Aubry Bracco, Kelley Wentworth and David Wright — instead.

So the big question is, was Extinction Island a success? Or was it just a new-agey boondoggle that host Jeff Probst wanted to use to inject more soul-searching into the long-running reality show that never really provided any powerful moments? Yes, some of the advantages sent by the stranded players to those in the heat of competition did make a difference. But not all that much. And Rick was right when he said on the reunion portion of the final episode  that the other players never made much of an effort to hunt down idols besides him.

Take this poll below and tell us whether you thought the Extinction Island concept was worthy or just a bust? And vent further in the comments section below.

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