4 things we LOVED about the ‘Survivor’ 38 premiere: Aubry’s laid-back strategy, Extinction Island cliffhanger …

After watching the “Survivor: Edge of Extinction” season premiere on Wednesday night, Gold Derby editors Susan Wloszczyna and Marcus James Dixon linked up to share their favorite moments from the episode. While Susan was notably enthralled by returnee Aubry Bracco‘s laid-back strategy, Marcus found himself drooling over that dramatic Extinction Island cliffhanger. Scroll down to see all four of their most loved moments from “Survivor” Season 38, Episode 1 and then tell us YOUR picks in the comments section.

Susan: Aubry was smart keeping her head down at the start, as she should. I loved when she said to her fellow returnee and Kama tribe member Joe Anglim that she will “lay in the grass and then come out like a cobra when the time is right.”

Marcus: That cliffhanger, baby! It’s almost unheard of for a reality TV show to end on such a nail-biting cliffhanger, but Reem Daly stepping foot on Extinction Island felt like something right out of “Lost.” Only instead of “What’s in the hatch?” Reem had viewers on pins and needles by asking, “Holy crap — what is it?” Cue the thunder and lightning. Next week can’t come soon enough.

Susan: So Joe, who doesn’t want to seem so amazing this time, seemingly makes fire out of thin air at camp. I laughed when Jeff Probst threw the flint at him after his Kama tribe won the immunity challenge. Like he needs anything but his own hotness to cause sparks to fly.

Marcus: The secret advantage menu was a stroke of genius on behalf of the show’s producers. After finding a clue on the boat in the first few minutes of the game, Kama’s Ron Clark was instructed to dig three feet east of the tree-mail where he unearthed a menu that gave him three options: Steal the Reward, Extra Vote or Individual Immunity. While we don’t know yet which dish Ron will ultimately chow down on, it’s great that “Survivor” still keeps us guessing after all these years.

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