4 things we HATED about the ‘Survivor’ 38 premiere: Keith’s lack of preparation, ageism against Reem …

After watching the “Survivor: Edge of Extinction” season premiere on Wednesday night, Gold Derby editors Marcus James Dixon and Susan Wloszczyna linked up to share their least favorite moments from the episode. Of note, Marcus rolled his eyes by Keith Sowell‘s lack of preparation and Susan was turned off by the ageism Reem Daly experienced from her fellow tribe members. Scroll down to see all four of their most hated moments from “Survivor” Season 38, Episode 1 and then tell us YOUR picks in the comments section.

Marcus: After 38 seasons I still find myself constantly surprised when castaways come to the island without having done any of the necessary preparation. Case in point: Keith’s admission that he can’t swim. Thankfully Keith had Reem and Wendy Diaz on his tribe who were willing to take time away from building the shelter to help him. As it turns out, the other six Manu tribe members saw the trio of Keith, Reem and Wendy as an alliance and so Keith’s swimming lessons turned out to be the nail in the shelter for Reem.

Susan: OK, Reem is 46. That is not that old. Yes, she is a mom. We all have them. But apparently no one wants a substitute parent on “Survivor.” Except sweet Keith. He is going to be canon fodder sooner than later. But back to Reem. So suddenly she has a target on her back because she moved some clothes so they would dry better? So what? But I can’t wait to see how she handles being alone on Extinction Island.

Marcus: My favorite new castaway is Wendy, but I dislike her stubbornness. In the game of “Survivor” you have to learn when to pivot from one group to another, and Wendy telling David Wright and Dan “Wardog” DaSilva that wouldn’t vote out Reem because she wanted to remain “loyal” may prove to be her ultimate downfall. What’s worse is that at tribal council the writing was on the wall for Reem’s elimination and yet Wendy still chose to waste her vote by voting for Lauren O’Connell. Not smart.

Susan: I started worrying about the nation’s economy when I saw that Wendy was a swap meet vendor and Julie Rosenberg has an Etsy shop. These are hobbies, not real jobs. Also, peeing in the bushes in Central Park is not a good way to prepare for “Survivor.” It is a good way to get arrested, however.

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