‘Survivor’ 39: Don’t dare underestimate Elaine, who ruled tribal council [POLL]

I have been fairly cool about the whole “Island of the Idols” tutorials provided by former “Survivor” champs Rob Mariano and Sandra Diaz-Twine this season. But leave to good ol’ gal Elaine Stott to disarm both reality superstars with her gusto for the game. Maybe she was a little too eager to say yes to their offer before she even what the task was that the mentors were about to dangle before her.

But given that she was perceived as a target in a post-swap Vokai tribe that was evenly split between four Lairo stalwarts, including Elaine, and four original Vokai members, her advantage of a vote block worked out beautifully. Rob was tsk-tsking her impulsiveness to say yes without any info, but Sandra was all “you go girl” about the 41-year-old Kentucky-based factory worker. “Survivor” being “Survivor,”  the castaway even shared the fact that her mother passed away three months ago — thus she was in YOLO mode when it came to taking chances.

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She even wisely shared her news with Elizabeth Beisel, the first person to go to to this season’s secret themed island, as well as her experience there. She then smartly drafted her to help grab the advantage that was hidden under a table during their immunity challenge.  If she had failed to snatch the satchel, Elaine would have lost her vote and basically sealed her doom.

Instead, she neatly pulled it off while the new Vokai tribe would ultimately lose the challenge and be forced to vote someone off. While Aaron Meredith feigned to be conflicted about which way to vote after Elaine revealed she was using the vote block on Jason Linden, he ultimately remained loyal to his original tribe for the time being. Given that Jason compared Elaine to the reward chicken that just got its head chopped off, the irony was sweet.

Right now on Gold Derby’s “Survivor” prediction site, Tommy Sheenan is the favorite to be the next Sole Survivor with 39/10 racetrack odds followed by Kellee Kim at 9/2 and Elizabeth with 5/1. But I have a feeling Elaine just might hang in there longer than most of her fellow players might think. Right now, she is at No. 12 out of 15 players left in the game with 99/1 odds. Let’s see if her standing changes soon. Take the poll below and tell us if you think Elaine could go all the way.

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