‘Survivor’ 39 Ponderosa video: Aaron Meredith, Missy Byrd admit players were ‘not stupid’ to vote them out [WATCH]

Aaron Meredith and Missy Byrd, the fourth and fifth members of the “Survivor: Island of the Idols” jury, reunited moments after their blindsides at Ponderosa. Despite their disappointment at being voted off thanks to a twist that split up the remaining 11 castaways into two groups that both visited tribal council, Aaron and Missy have nothing but love for the game. “Damn, they got us!” Aaron told Missy. “They’re not stupid, though. They should have got us out.” Watch CBS’s Ponderosa video above.

They each visited the show’s doctor for their ritual weigh-ins, with Aaron discovering he’d lost 25 pounds on the island and Missy finding out she’d shed 18 pounds. “The food wasn’t the hardest part for me,” Aaron explained to the doctor. “It was just the conditions. When it rained, it was cold, that was the hardest.”

Missy, who called her weight loss “dope,” admitted that she wasn’t “looking forward” to anything that awaited her at the jury house — food, comfort, sleep, nothing. “I want to go straight back to the bamboo,” she smiled. “I want to go have another terrible night in the shelter.”

Aaron revealed that once he was voted off the show, he knew Missy would be next. “We played a tough game. We played hard,” he said. Aaron had won back-to-back immunity necklaces and Missy had claimed one, which put massive physical targets on their backs. In addition, the other castaways saw them as mental threats as well.

When they reunited with jury members Jack Nichting, Kellee Kim and Jamal Shipman, Kellee gave Missy a huge welcome hug and shouted, “Girl, you got voted out! I was rooting for you!” Missy sighed and responded, “I was rooting for me, too.”

Also in this week’s combined Ponderosa video, Aaron and Missy checked out their physical appearances in the mirror, drooled over their lobster meals, worked out in the gym, and reflected on their journeys. Will you miss Aaron and Missy on “Survivor” Season 39? Sound off down in the comments section.

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