‘Survivor’ 39 Ponderosa video: Jack Nichting loses 12 pounds but gains ‘poppin’ abs’ — What did he take to bed with him? [WATCH]

Survivor” fans, rejoice: the Ponderosa videos have begun! Now that Jack Nichting is the first member of the jury on “Survivor: Island of the Idols,” fans can follow his experience in the jury house by watching CBS’s video above.

Immediately after being eliminated by a two-to-five vote over Dean Kowalski, who used Kellee Kim‘s idol to save himself, Jack met with the show’s doctor to discuss his physical and mental health. Hunger “took a mental toll” on Jack during his 19 days on the island, which was reflected in his weight loss of 12 pounds. “That’s why my abs look so good,” he said with a smirk. “That’s why my abs are poppin’!”

The 23-year-old graduate student from Harrisonburg, Virginia was so homesick that at first he thought the food menu was “a letter from my mom.” Once Jack got past that initial disappointment, he took to ordering enough grub for an entire tribe: “A beef burger with fries. A meat lovers pizza. Two ice creams. And a beer.”

Entering the infamous jury house for the first time, Jack announced, “A lot of people go look at themselves, see what they look like, see the dirt on their face, see their teeth, see their body. I’m like, I don’t care what I look like. Just feed me some freakin’ ice cream and a beer!” Of course, it wasn’t long before Jack was checking himself out in the mirror. “I’ve got some nice curvature though, look at that. My mom’s gonna comment on my lack of butt,” he said before comparing himself to “a pirate.”

After chowing down on food, including “arguably the largest hamburger I’ve ever seen in my life,” Jack felt “absolutely horrible.” However, that didn’t stop him from bringing “a pint of ice cream to bed with chocolate chip cookies and peanut butter.”

Jack hopes his “positive energy” will rub off on the other jury members who will soon be joining him in the days to come. “I’ll be able to be that person to comfort them. Hey, like, it sucks, right? But look what you just did. How cool is that?” Watch his entire Ponderosa experience in the video above.

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