‘Survivor’ 39 Ponderosa video: Kellee Kim laughs about being voted out with 2 immunity idols in her pocket [WATCH]

Kellee Kim, the second member of the “Survivor: Island of the Idols” jury, left tribal council with not one but TWO hidden immunity idols in her pocket. Now that she’s a resident of Ponderosa (along with the first juror, Jack Nichting) Kellee seems to have no hard feelings about her blindside. “Before tribal I was like, oh my God I have two idols, am I gonna be able to use these idols properly? And then I got voted out!” Watch CBS’s Ponderosa video above.

“Throughout the day I definitely had a big sense of paranoia,” Kellee said on her way to visit the reality TV show’s doctor. “Something is off. It could be me. And then I just sort of talked to the people that I trusted and they were like, it’s fine, it’s fine, it’s fine. I think what I forgot to think about was the people that I trusted a little bit less.”

After the tribes merged, Kellee’s original Vokai tribe had a numbers advantage over the original Lairo. However, when she adamantly refused to stick to those numbers, it irritated Tommy Sheehan and Lauren Beck, who then hatched a plan to get her out. Kellee believed Missy Byrd would be voted out, until the #MeToo drama reared its ugly head and Dan Spilo became the target of some of the women. Kellee joined with Janet Carbin, Karishma Patel, Noura Salman and Jamal Shipman in voting for Dan, but that was only five votes compared to the eight who voted for Kellee.

Kellee lost 14 pounds after being on the island for 22 days. The first food items she ordered when she arrived at Ponderosa were a beef burger, extra crispy fries and a Hawaiian pizza. When she caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror for the first time, Kellee seemed underwhelmed by her physical appearance. “People come back and they’re like, ‘Oh my God!’ and I was just like, eh, I kind of think I basically look the same,” she shrugged.

“I come off very confident,” Kellee declared in her parting words. “But I think in a lot of ways in my life I do play it safe. If I wasn’t scared of that failure and everyone else’s perceptions of who I am as a person and what they’re gonna think of me or whether they’re gonna like me less, would I change my actions? Failing isn’t that bad, so you might as well take risks.”

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