Will ‘Survivor’ celebrate its 40th season with an all-winners edition? And should they do it? [POLL]

Richard Hatch vs. Sandra Diaz-Twine vs. Boston Rob? Oh, my.

For now, such a showdown is just a dream. However, there are rumbles in the “Survivor” jungle about what might be store for CBS’ reality show’s landmark 40th season. And it is quite an epic mind-blower: an all-winner cast pitted against one another. Inside Survivor and Reality Blurred both suggested that it is being considered for the series’ 20th anniversary next year.

The one blip that suggests that this isn’t quite a done deal yet derives from an interview that host Jeff Probst gave “Us Weekly” last summer during filming of Season 38. “We can’t do all winners. As a producer, I would never suggest it. I would say it’s not a good idea.”

WHAT? Why not? “We have 10 great winners that you’d want to see play again. We don’t have 20. We don’t have 18. Some of the winners don’t want to play again. Some of the greats are like, ‘No, we’re done.'”

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But, he admitted, CBS is all for it. “They’re pitching me all the time. And I’m going, ‘I’ll sit down with you and show you the list!’ We don’t have it.”

Probst has changed his mind before after rejecting a concept. At first, he disliked the twist of bringing back eliminated contestants who were voted out. But he clearly caved on that since that is the current premise on this season’s  “Survivor: Edge of Extinction.” The 39th season will be begin filming at the end of this month and the 40th season will start shooting after “Extinction’s” finale airs on May 15.

“Survivor” still is pretty much the gold standard of reality competitions, in large part because Probst is a steadfast protector of the show’s integrity. Nearly 600 players have undergone the rigors of living like a castaway on a far-off island and just 36 (Diaz-Twine won twice) so far have claimed the title of Sole Survivor and won the million-dollar prize.

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Here are the names of all the winners so far by season. Who would you most want to see face off against one another? Let us know in the comments section and also take out poll on whether you say “yay” or “nay” to an all-champs “Survivor” season.

  1. Richard Hatch
  2. Tina Wesson
  3. Ethan Zohn
  4. Vecepia Towery
  5. Brian Heidik
  6. Jenna Morasca
  7. Sandra Diaz-Twine
  8. Amber Brkich
  9. Chris Daugherty
  10. Tom Westman
  11. Danni Boatwright
  12. Aras Baskauskas
  13. Yul Kwon
  14. Earl Cole
  15. Todd Herzog
  16. Parvati Shallow
  17. Robert “Bob” Crowley
  18. James “J.T.” Thomas Jr.
  19. Natalie White
  20. Sandra Diaz-Twine
  21. Jud “Fabio” Birza
  22. Rob Mariano
  23. Sophie Clarke
  24. Kim Spradlin
  25. Denise Stapley
  26. John Cochran
  27. Tyson Apostol
  28. Tony Vlachos
  29. Natalie Anderson
  30. Mike Holloway
  31. Jeremy Collins
  32. Michele Fitzgerald
  33. Adam Klein
  34. Sarah Lacina
  35. Ben Driebergen
  36. Wendell Holland
  37. Nick Wilson

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