‘Survivor’ Chicken-gate 2019: Victoria Baamonde just trolled Wendy Diaz with the most ‘cluck you’ tweet of all time

Survivor” Chicken-gate 2019 continued in this week’s tribe swap episode when Wendy Diaz did the unthinkable and actually let loose the chickens her tribe had won in a reward challenge. “The players signed up for this game, not the chickens, so why should they be penalized?” she wondered aloud. Well, Wendy’s new tribe member at the Manu camp, Victoria Baamonde, just decided to have some fun with all this season’s chicken drama by tweeting — what else? — a photo of half-eaten chicken bones (see below).

Until the tribe swap, Victoria and Wendy had never interacted because they began the game on different tribes — Victoria on Kama and Wendy on Manu. Jeff Probst surprised the remaining 15 players this week by telling them to “Drop their buffs” and pick new tribe buffs. That’s when Victoria ended up at Wendy’s Manu camp along with Aubry Bracco, Eric Hafemann and Gavin Whitson.

Wendy cordially showed her new tribe members around the area, including the now-infamous chicken coop. “You know what would give us a lot of energy? A chicken,” Victoria said while licking her lips. When the others began talking about cooking and eating the chickens, Wendy once again shared her hope that the birds’ lives would be spared. As Eric and Gavin discussed the best way to murder their feathered friends, the camera slowly zoomed in on Wendy’s face. A plan was hatched.

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Later that night when the others were all sleeping, Wendy ran over to the chicken coop and let them all free. “I genuinely like my new tribe,” Wendy said as she did the dirty deed. “I feel really bad that I’m doing this. It’s just that I know in their agenda it was to kill these chickens. And obviously I have my own agenda.” Wendy then started jumping up and down in excitement as she shouted, “I finally did my plan of releasing the chickens! They’re free. Their lives are saved.”

The next morning, Victoria announced that she wanted to “try to catch” the chickens, to which Wendy responded with an elongated, “Nooo!” In a private confessional Victoria declared, “Girl, you set free breakfast, lunch and dinner. I’m still 100% all for killing the chickens. I do not care if Wendy cries herself to sleep or not. She kind of went nuts. You’d rather get voted out than see a chicken die? It’s bizarre.”

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