‘Survivor’ deleted scene: Castaways freak out after Treemail promises ‘epic day of pampering’ [WATCH]

After four long weeks living on a deserted island, the remaining castaways of “Survivor: Edge of Extinction” understandably freaked out when Treemail promised them a reward of an “epic day of pampering.” In CBS’s deleted scene, Lauren O’Connell delivered this good news to fellow players Victoria Baamonde, Rick Devens, Aurora McCreary, Julie Rosenberg, Gavin Whitson, Dan “Wardog” DaSilva and Ron Clark: “Been holding your breath for rejuvenation? Well, this might just be the thing. For an epic day of pampering, you better be the lord of the ring.” Watch the “Survivor” deleted scene video above.

“We got Treemail and it sounds like a spa day,” Gavin declared in a confessional. “I’ve never been to a spa. I’ve had a massage once. You bet your butt I’m gonna go out here and try to win this reward.” For her part, Julie kept shouting the word “Pampering!” as if she were a child on Christmas morning.

Wardog explained, “This could be one of those spa rewards. Those are the kind of rewards that people say they go on and just give them that recharge these last dozen days. So I’m very excited. I hope I get on a good team. I hope I have a good fighting chance that we can go win a reward today. That’d be a great boost.”

The reward challenge played out back in the 11th episode, with two groups being created from a schoolyard pick: Lauren, Rick, Julie and Wardog on one side and Victoria, Gavin, Aurora and Ron on the other. The challenge began in the water, then ended with a classic ring toss. Rick ended up dominating the throwing portion of the challenge and helped win the spa reward for his team.

For the four winners, the reward served as a classic recharge moment complete with mud baths and hot springs. However, strategy soon reared its ugly head as Julie began a discussion with Lauren about creating an all-girls alliance and voting out one of the men, beginning with either Wardog or Rick. Later on after Rick won immunity, Wardog’s fate was sealed and he was sent to Extinction Island.

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