‘Survivor’ deleted scene: David is disgusted with Kelley and Wardog for ‘making fun’ of Wendy’s injury [WATCH]

During the third episode of “Survivor: Edge of Extinction,” you may recall that Wendy Diaz hurt her ankle during the challenge and had to resort to hobbling around using a makeshift stick as a crutch. Unfortunately, some of Wendy’s Manu tribe members now find humor in her pain and decide to make fun of her behind her back, which absolutely disgusts David Wright. “She’s a part of the tribe. We need to make her feel comfortable rather than making fun of her,” David declares in CBS’s latest “Survivor” deleted scene (watch above).

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Kelley Wentworth and Dan “Wardog” DaSilva burst out laughing at the “dramatic” way in which Wendy hobbles around camp, with Wardog joking, “Maybe we shouldn’t have made a walking stick. Maybe we should have made her a top hat.” Kelley then whispers to Lauren O’Connell, “It’s like I can’t even try with her anymore.”

David keeps his mouth shut at camp, but later explodes in a private confessional. “I’m getting very upset with my tribe,” he announces. “We’re people. We’re human beings. We’re supposed to be in this together. Suddenly Wendy injures her foot and it’s like a tiger that sees an injured gazelle and just pounces on it. It’s like, calm down everybody.”

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“I was like the weak guy at school,” David reminds the audience. He was afraid of absolutely everything during his first season “Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X,” but soon grew to accept his life on the island. He continues, “People made fun of me and it triggers me to see these adults turning into middle school children, rather than express any compassion and humanity for a tribe mate who is suffering.”

Might there be some strategy involved for people like Kelley and Wardog making fun of Wendy? David surmises, “People are pointing out Wendy’s injury rather than helping her because she could be an easy vote. But that’s not my intention. I am going to sink the S.S. Wentworth.” In next week’s “Survivor” episode the two tribes will be mixed up and divided into three tribes, so will David’s plan be stopped before it comes to fruition?

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