‘Survivor’ deleted scene: Firefighter Eric provides for his tribe by catching 6 fish — Bad news for Joe? [WATCH]

Uh-oh, Joe! It looks like returning player Joe Anglim might have found his equal on “Survivor: Edge of Extinction” in the form of California firefighter Eric Hafemann. After their Kama tribe wins fishing gear at the combined reward/immunity challenge in Episode 2, Eric takes to the ocean where he provides big time for his tribe by catching six fish. “[Fishing] gets me out of the game for a little bit,” Eric explains in CBS’s “Survivor” deleted scene video (watch above). “I’m constantly counting heads. Who’s here? Who’s not here? Where’s Joe? Where’s Aubrey Bracco? There’s no rest.”

Since Joe usually takes on the provider role, has he finally met his match in Eric? “It might look like you’re resting, but you’re not, which is why out there the mental break is invaluable,” Eric adds. “You have to stop every once in a while and remember like this is the most beautiful place on earth. Crystal blue water, tropical fish everywhere — this is insane. If you get so wrapped up in the game, you could miss it. You could be out here for weeks and never experience Fiji. What a bummer that would be.”

Eric later admits that, in addition to the solitude and the providing for his tribe, there’s an additional strategic reason for his fishing. “The tribe seems to appreciate it,” he begins. “Certainly it’s good to know that in a pinch I can go out there and catch some fish and maybe add a little value. Maybe there will be a vote down the road that’s so close that that’s the little thing that tips me over to safety. Who knows?”

So far the Kama tribe has won both of this season’s combined reward/immunity challenges, so they haven’t had to make the journey to tribal council just yet. Over at the Manu camp, they’ve already voted out two players: Reem Daly and Keith Sowell. What none of the remaining players realize is that if you’re voted out this season, you’ll be given the chance to return thanks to the mysterious island known as Edge of Extinction.

If the big twist of Season 38 turns out to be that the inhabitants of Edge of Extinction have to battle in some kind of a challenge to return to the game, then someone like Eric, with his belly full of fish, would have an obvious physical advantage over people like Reem and Keith. Find out whether the Manu tribe is big enough for both Joe and Eric when “Survivor” returns next Wednesday on CBS.

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