‘Survivor’ deleted scene: Gavin has a death wish against Joe’s man-bun — ‘I’m gonna suck out all of its power’ [WATCH]

During CBS’s latest deleted scene from “Survivor: Edge of Extinction,” Gavin Whitson has some not-so-nice things to say about Joe Anglim‘s infamous man-bun. “He’s got that man-bun and I know it holds a lot of power,” Gavin says with a twinkle in his eye. “So eventually I’m just gonna grab that thing and just suck out all of its power, let it consume me, and then Joe’s just gonna wither away and I’m gonna be the one to take the throne.” Watch the fun “Survivor” deleted scene above.

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Gavin, a YMCA program director from Erwin, Tennessee, found himself on the yellow Kama tribe at the start of the game with not just one, but two returning castaways: Joe and Aubry Bracco. As you’d expect, the seven newbies on the tribe don’t have any interest in letting these two make it too far in the game since they’ve both already played twice before.

“He’s gotta play a social game this time, because he knows he can’t rely on his physical game,” Gavin tells fellow muscle bro Eric Hafemann, a California firefighter. However, Gavin later admits in a confessional, “Joe is my ‘Survivor’ hero. As a superfan, I wanted to be Joe. Like, I wanted that immunity king. But I also want to be the one to take him out.”

New York toymaker Julie Rosenberg also seems to be out for blood, telling her tribe mates, “It’s hard not to think that they both played twice already. I just think that it’s going to be, like, ‘The Joe and Aubry Show’ if they’re here the whole time.” Georgia teacher Ron Clark agrees, stating, “There’s a reason they were here two times … they know what they’re doing.”

Over the first two episodes the Kama tribe won immunity both times, meaning they’ve been spared from going to tribal council to vote someone out. Instead, the blue Manu tribe voted out Reem Daly on Day 3 and Keith Sowell on Day 6. What none of the remaining players know is that this season there’s an Extinction Island twist that has the potential to give the eliminated castaway(s) a shot at returning.

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