‘Survivor’ deleted scene: Kelley Wentworth’s tribe sings ‘Happy Birthday’ as she turns 32 on the island [WATCH]

To celebrate Kelley Wentworth turning 32 on the island, her “Survivor” tribe mates all sang “Happy Birthday” to her around the camp fire in yet another Lesu lovefest. “Hey, my third birthday on ‘Survivor’ — woohoo!” Kelley announces in CBS’s latest secret scene. This fan-favorite castaway from Seattle, WA previously competed in “Survivor: San Juan del Sur” and “Survivor: Cambodia,” but might “Survivor: Edge of Extinction” finally be the season in which she claims the million dollar prize? Watch the “Survivor” deleted scene video above.

“I think the older you get the wiser you get,” Kelley admits in a confessional. “So now that I’m 32 years old, I feel like I am playing this game a little differently and with a little more wisdom.” So far her game play is working out for her, as she’s been to tribal council four times and has survived each time.

After her Lesu tribe members David Wright, Lauren O’Connell, Dan “Wardog” DaSilva and Rick Devens (who was later voted out) finish singing to her, Kelley thanks them and states, “Okay, my birthday wish is for it to not rain.” However, they quickly remind her that since she made her wish out loud it likely wouldn’t come true.

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During Wednesday’s tribe swap episode, Kelley’s close-knit group of Manu members all miraculously stuck together, though they had to move to the brand new Lesu camp. When this Lesu tribe lost the immunity challenge, two groups formed: Kelley and Lauren on one side and David and Rick on the other. That put Wardog in the middle with the all-important swing vote. At tribal council Wardog sided with the ladies and helped them vote out Rick.

Kelley was the fifth person voted out of her first season, “San Juan del Sur,” thanks in part to being stuck side-by-side with her father, Dale Wentworth, for the notorious “Blood vs. Water” twist. When she returned for her “Second Chance” in “Cambodia,” Kelley had nothing tying her down and wound up making it all the way to fourth place.

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